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It seems like every year kids start planning their holiday wish lists sooner and sooner. My own daughter wrote her list to Santa while munching on Halloween candy! What’s on her list you ask? Many of the toys she is thinking about are the same exact toys most of the other kids her age have their eye on. Thanks to commercials and you tube videos, certain trendy toys are just destined to be the Cabbage Patch Dolls, Furbys, and Tickle Me Elmos of 2017. 

What Are They Asking For?

Jake, 9, is asking for Operation Escape Room. This interactive board game for ages 6+ is an interactive experience that challenges kids to complete three activities in order to win/escape. Operation Escape Room runs for around $25 and can only be found at Target.

Ellie, 6, wants a baby doll. Not just any baby doll, but the hottest doll of the season, Luvabella. For $90 your child can own an interactive doll who responds to their touch and has a growing vocabulary. Luvabella comes in many different varieties – with skin tone and hair type choices to match your little one.  

Another hot toy for the season happens to be on the top of Lexi’s list, and she is hoping it will soon be on top of her finger. Lexi, 6, wants a Fingerling. Fingerlings are interactive toys who become a pet for your child and can go wherever you do by clinging to your finger. They cost $15 and come in many animal and color varieties.

Tori, 10, wants a Hatchimal. Hatchimals were on the top of the “hot list” in 2016, and thanks to some new choices in egg baby animals, they are still trending. This year, the hot option is Hatchimal Surprise, an egg that hatches twin mythical creatures. For $60, at least you are getting two animals for the price of one!

For Julian, 7, this season the hot toy is the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is available on Nintendo’s site for $299.99 and is advertised as an “all in one” system that switches between an at home console and an on the go, hand-held, toy. It is the must have for Nintendo fans this year.

Christian, 3, loves Thomas trains! He is hoping to unwrap the Track Master Harold, High Flying Rescue Set ($40). It comes with a track and motorized train. Another hot option for train lovers is the Thomas & Friends Super Station ($100).   

What Else Is Hot? 

Ten More Toys Making the Must Have List

10. For kids, messy is always in. Games like Toilet Trouble and Soggy Doggy are this year’s contenders. Both shoot water at you when you “lose.” and cost around $20 on Amazon.

9. L.O.L. Big Surprise Dolls. The big surprise is that for $70 your child can unwrap 50 different parts to the toy. Inside the recipient will unwrap L.O.L. dolls, accessories, clothes, etc for the L.O.L. doll.

8. With all the pricey toys on the list, the $20 price tag on the Nerf Nitro Longshot Smash is a welcome sight. The set comes with two foam cars, ramp, obstacles and a car blaster. Kids will have fun setting up an action scene and sending cars flying over and over this holiday season.

7. For the Tween on your list Soundmoovz may be the hit of the holidays. Soundmoovz are musical arm bands that create sounds through blue tooth technology making dancing and moving fun. For $69 there are multiple play modes including robot, karate and instrumental.

6. For PJ Mask fans, the Rival Racers Track Playset is sure to be a hit. This toy is great for ages three and up and comes with cars featuring the PJ mask heroes and a fun twisty track for only $30.

5. Fur Real Roarin Tyler. It seems like every year a different interactive “pet” makes the hot list and Fur Real has done it again. This year, Tyler the tiger is the must have animal of choice. Tyler costs around $100 and responds to your child’s voice with over 100 sound and movement combinations.

4. Legos! Do Lego ever really go out of style? The hot set this year is the Star Wars BB-8. The set is recommended for ages 10 and up and comes with over 1,000 pieces. The BB-8 set runs around $90. The Lego Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer is also sure to be a big holiday hit among fans of “The Force.”  

3. Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart is the hot toy for toddlers this season. With a retail price of $34,  young children can play pretend as their imagination takes them to a warm summer day filled with ice cream and fun.

trendy toys2. If you are an 80’s child, you undoubtedly remember Teddy Ruxpin. Well, guess what? He’s back and updated for the digital age! Teddy comes with some pre-loaded stories with the option of getting countless more via an app. The 2017 version of this classic cuddly bear costs around $100.

1. Mickey Transforming Roadster Racer is a fun toy for pre-school set. This great toy costs $40. Kids can use a remote control and race Mickey around their room with a push of a button! It also comes with a horn and three messages from Mickey.

What is on top of your child’s wish list this holiday season? Share your personal toy “hot list” with us in the comments! Happy shopping!


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