17 Ways to Spend Mother’s Day in Westchester County


mother's dayMother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th. And this year, we can thankfully look forward to a bit more activity and togetherness! In the spirit of this being my 17th Mother’s Day, here are 17 ideas of how to spend Mother’s Day right here in Westchester. 

  1. Brunch is often an ideal answer to, “What should we do on Mother’s Day?” Restaurants are open – many with outside seating and specials for Mother’s Day. 
  2. Pottery, Painting, or Arts & Crafts: My mother, my daughter, and I went to the Pottery Factory on Mother’s Day a few years back for walk-in fun. It was a perfect laid-back activity. A Maze in Pottery and Clay Art Center are other excellent options. 
  3. Bicycle Riding: Westchester County offers the perfect opportunity for this. Bicycle Sundays on the Bronx River Parkway is one of the county’s longest-running and popular programs. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on most Sundays from May through October, the parkway is open exclusively for bicyclists, in-line skaters, scooters, walkers, and joggers from Exit 22 at the Westchester County Center to Exit 4 at Scarsdale Road in Yonkers.
  4. The Movies! After more than a year, theaters are re-opening! After all this time, going to the movies and grabbing a bucket of popcorn could feel like a novelty! 
  5. Spa Treatments: Manicure, pedicure, facial, massage…take your pick. You have earned this. 
  6. Shopping Spree: Once in a while, we are all worthy of a splurge once, if you’re able—ample opportunities to shop local.
  7. Sports and Games:  Countless options for both indoors and outdoors. Puzzles, video games, and board games. Tennis, tag, kickball, or even just a catch. Try out a few less common, such as badminton or pickleball. 
  8. Enjoy the spring weather and head to one of many local parks for a family picnic.  
  9. Arrange for a family photo shoot. Definitely something you’ll treasure for years to come! 
  10. Westchester offers over 600 miles of trails. Hiking or a long walk could be a perfect way to spend a few hours on Mother’s Day. Enjoy some quality time with your family and nature. You can always bring along a scavenger hunt (plenty online) to keep the kids occupied and entertained! 
  11. Pizza and beer – enough said?  
  12. Take in one of the many tourist spots available to us in Westchester County: Nature centers, farmers markets, museums, gardens, estates, and many more. A few options include Untermyer GardensRockefeller Preserve, and Katonah Museum of Art.  Note that reservations might be required due to COVID restrictions. 
  13. Rest and Relaxation: I know, I know – it’s not always easy with little kids, but steal a moment or two! Read, color, do a crossword puzzle, watch television, or take a nap (my fave!)
  14. Go on a frozen yogurt or ice cream run. Sometimes we have multiple stops on Mother’s Day and need a short and sweet activity that is not an all-day commitment.  Nothing fits this description better than some fro-yo or ice cream. 
  15. Focus = YOU: Do something that you love, but don’t often have time to do, like gardening, baking, listen, sing, dance to music, write, knitting, draw, yoga, etc. Our hobbies often take a back seat to everyday life. Bring them back to the forefront for Mother’s Day. 
  16. I’m lucky enough to live not far from my mother, mother-in-law, and other close relatives. Yet, many families are spread throughout the country and the world. If we have learned nothing else this past year, technology is a godsend for holidays and celebrations. Zoom with friends and relatives near and far.  
  17. Nothing…plan absolutely nothing and see where the day takes you!

Hopefully, some of these ideas and links are helpful. Pass along a copy to your children, spouse, significant other, friends, and family if they need a hint or two! Whatever you decide, I have no doubt it will be perfect. Enjoy! You deserve it!

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Melissa Jacobowitz is a Bronx native who moved to Westchester County after she and her high school sweetheart got hitched in 1997. She and her husband live in Mount Kisco with their son Corey (b 2004) and daughter Mia (b 2007). Melissa spent many years working in Human Resources and currently works in enrollment and marketing for a child care organization. Melissa is a two-time survivor of Postpartum OCD. Melissa initially became interested in writing to raise awareness for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, but has discovered that writing is a newfound aspect of her life that she thoroughly enjoys. She was also a contributing writer with Suburban Misfit Mom and you can find her stories at http://suburbanmisfitmom.com/writer/melissa-jacobowitz/ Melissa is also a featured writer in the book “A Dark Secret,” which is a compilation of where 15 women share their stories of maternal mental illness from diagnosis to recovery. Melissa is excited to write with the Westchester County Mom team and hopes that you’ll enjoy her stories of the trials and tribulations of a born-n-raised city girl raising a teenagers growing up here in Westchester.