Stocking Stuffers that Spark the Imagination


While considering stocking stuffer gifts this Christmas, remember a simple quote by Pablo Picasso;  “Every child is an artist.” No words are more true. Not only will these crafty supplies keep hands busy on Winter Break, they will ignite the imagination and hours of creative play.  

candle kit
oil crayons


Keep hands busy creating fabric with a small table loom. Don’t forget to pair it with some fun yarn too!

A make your own beeswax candle kit offers endless design possibilities for kids. Even little ones can enjoy rolling the sheets of beeswax. 

Oil crayons can be blended and offer budding artists a wonderful medium to explore. 

scratch masks
masking tape
glitter glue

Rainbow scratch masks are great for a variety of ages. Older kids can work on ornate designs, while little ones are mesmerized by the colors hidden beneath the surface. 

A set of colored masking tape allows a child’s imagination run wild.  

Glitter glue pens add some pizzazz to school projects and endless possibilities while children create. 

shape stencils
magic stix markers
liquid watercolors

Magic Stix do not dry out; even without a cap for 7 days! (Tested by my 3 year old). They are very washable and come in a 12 or 24 pack; something for every budget. 

Liquid watercolors are a fun way to explore painting. Pair them with flower shaped diffused paper and a pipette and await a masterpiece!

So many uses for shape stencils throughout the school years and they are tons of fun!

Last but not least, children love adding a bit of sparkle to projects. This mix of rhinestones and spangles will keep the creative mind busy! 

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*Please note: many small art supplies can be a choking hazard. All creative endeavors should be supervised closely.
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