I Am in Control (Day)


A girl hugging her mom from behind. We all get that feeling of losing control, sometimes multiple times per day. Whether at home, work, in the grocery store, or anywhere else, it happens to all of us. Maybe the kids are having a meltdown, or we’re feeling the stress of trying to do too many tasks at once.

It’s hard to relinquish that controlled feeling we want to keep, but sometimes we just need to let go, take a breath, and realize the feeling will pass, and things will get better.

I recently learned that March 30 is known as “I Am in Control Day.” March 30, 1981 was the day that President Ronald Reagan was wounded in an assassination attempt. During the ensuing confusion, Secretary of State Alexander Haig was heard saying, “I am in control here.” Although his words may have been taken out of context, people grabbed onto them and spun their meaning into a positive affirmation.

If you’re not doing it already, this might be the perfect day to start taking steps to help you feel more in control of things or find the tools to help you when you begin to feel out of control.

Meditation and daily affirmations are great ways to help relax your mind and body. Deep breathing exercises can also be beneficial. Or if you’re like me, writing things down or a quick session of journaling when you need to get a new perspective on something always seems to do the trick. 

I realize that we as moms tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to try and keep it together, stay in control, and present an unflawed version of ourselves to the world.

But that is simply not real life. Give yourself the grace to realize when you’re losing control, allow yourself to be in that moment, and then move on in ways that make you feel more positive and calm.

We’re all doing the best we can, so let’s find the little moments each day where we get to celebrate that. 


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