KinderCare Grand Opening

This post is sponsored by KinderCare, but the opinions are my own. Please support our sponsors.

KinderCare just celebrated the Grand Opening of their brand-new Columbus Avenue center on the Upper West Side! What an amazing event all around! Let me start by saying that I had not even made my way in the door and I felt like a part of the KinderCare family. They had lovely young women outside welcoming people into the facility. Once my family and I stepped inside, again we received the warmest welcome from the site director herself. Everything from the décor to the smiles on each staff members’ face was inviting. 

The classrooms were set up as they would be during a normal day; complete with staff supervising hands-on learning activities. Of course there were some special activities going on like face painting, balloon animals, and an awesome sing along jam session with Party Time with Music Mike! However, it was clear that everything tied in to the principals and methods of learning that KinderCare embraces.

I was able to do a full tour of the facility and view each classrooms set-up. There are four infant, three toddler, two DSP (discovery preschool) and two preschool classrooms. The site is open from 6:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Parents are able to select the days and hours that work best with their schedules. Their talented early-childhood teachers set kids down the path toward becoming lifelong learners in a positive, safe, and nurturing environment.

I was taken back by the artwork and how visually stunning each room was. In addition to the fact that the site does offer Spanish language instruction through the curriculum, they are culturally diverse and inclusive. There was a large welcome banner with flags from different countries. The director mentioned that they make sure that each child’s country is represented and added if it is not already visible. I was able to see first-hand how that was truly reinforced. In one classroom there was a section with baby dolls and an adorable home model, complete with a kitchen! There was a doll with every skin tone. Another great part about the curriculum was the inclusion of feelings and social skill building. I was amazed to hear of the programs ranging from music explorers and phonics adventurers to a cooking academy!

Overall, I had a great time attending this event. It was a Saturday morning well spent with my entire family. There was truly something for everyone. I have been a stay-at-home mother for the last three years, and to be honest that is largely based on a lack of childcare facilities that my husband and I felt comfortable leaving our babies with. Kindercare has truly set the bar with their curriculum and carefully chosen staff. After seeing all that they have to offer, I have started giving some more thought into returning to the workforce.

I was shocked to hear that they currently do not have a wait-list for the 808 Columbus Avenue location. If you are considering placing your child in daycare, I would definitely reach out and schedule a tour. Tours are offered daily between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You can call (888) 525-2780 or visit