Is Life Like a Box of Chocolates?


box of chocolateMaybe Forest Gump is right, and life is like a box of chocolates. Each day we never know what we are going to get.

This statement, for me, can’t be any more true this past year. As the large box of chocolates stares at me from the counter, even if I attempt to poke a little hole in the bottom or smush the side of the decadent chocolate, there is only a slight vantage point to what I may get inside. 

But, it’s risky, these chocolates…what if I pick the most hated piece in the box or what if I  choose the most desired? Will it be the chocolate creme or the butterscotch?

Well, for me, the past year, living through a global pandemic seems a lot like choosing which piece of chocolate I so delicately want to devour. There are endless decisions and opportunities, but I often don’t know the outcome. And if I’m honest, I think many of us feel this way. We may have stories upon stories to tell our future grandchildren, but what will become of our lives and our stories? 

Just like the box of chocolates, I didn’t know what to expect in March 2020, and I still don’t know what to expect for March 2021. Am I getting the gooey caramel or hazelnut creme? Who knows!

But friends, even though we can’t always see the inside of the chocolate piece or where life will take us today or tomorrow, we can attempt our best to keep our chins up. Sometimes our lives may not be what we necessarily want, but we do have the opportunity to move on or pick another chocolate from the box. 

This is a time many of our school-aged children may recall a computer screen face to face with them more so than a teacher or friend, but maybe tomorrow they will have a greater appreciation for having a friend to talk to in class or at the lunch table. 

This is a time many of our college kids may recall being in a small dorm room with only their roommate or maybe even at home in their old bedroom, but maybe tomorrow, they will smile at a new face as they walk to class and find more joy in the little things. 

This is a time many of us will recall bare highways and empty parking lots, but maybe tomorrow we will not place as much attention on the cars people drive because when it comes down to what matters, is this even on the list? 

This is a time many of us will recall firepits outside with a handful of friends rather than large dinner parties, but maybe tomorrow, some of us may realize the intimate conversations fireside led to a greater understanding of the importance of a close friend. And maybe, just maybe, some of us will say fancy dinner parties are over-rated and comfy clothes fireside is now more their speed. 

This is a time many of us will recall our essential workers with admiration and praise, and maybe tomorrow, more neighbors will enter careers knowing they are the ones who pull our communities together and inspire others. 

So friends, whatever chocolate you choose within the box, know even if it’s not what you expected, you can put it down, change it, or keep on chewing. 

Our lives are the same…we can change and move forward or stay on the same course, but either way, we have to keep moving forward. 

As far as the box of chocolate, maybe tomorrow I  will finally find my favorite piece!

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Ali lives in New York with her four teenage daughters and her husband. After moving around a bit as a child, she spent her teen years in Westchester county, moved to NYC for college and returned to Westchester fifteen years ago. Prior to having the girls, she was an English teacher, and on the side always enjoyed writing with the hope to one day publish a poetry book. In her free time, Ali enjoys going on long runs, browsing independent bookstores, catching up with friends. She is in a constant state of doing laundry, cooking, policing arguments, driving to and from activities, and trying her best to be the kind of mom her girls will admire, even on her worst days. Ali is excited to share with you the joys and hardships of motherhood with an open heart. You can follow Ali on Facebook at and on Instagram at