Living in the Here and Now: Meet Monique


Meet MoniqueMonique Johnson, a divorced mom with two kids, battled cancer at thirty-four years old, right after having her second child. As an adult child of a single parent, her illness and upbringing have influenced her parental mindset.

Monique has emphasized raising her children (now a high school junior and a college junior) to embrace the here and now and appreciate all that life offers.

At the same time, Monique is mindful that she wants her children to work hard and achieve their life goals. These goals may appear in conflict with each other, but she is determined that her children not be consumed with anxious thoughts about the future.

Obsessing over grades, college admissions, and graduate programs can interfere with living a full life. Monique stresses to her kids to experience the joys of living in the moment and participating in activities that make them feel fulfilled.

A strong advocate for mental health and wellness, Monique is a licensed clinical social worker. Both as a mom and a clinician, her priority is assisting her children and clients to be happy human beings.

She has developed a personal and professional reputation for her event planning to celebrate life milestones and promote health and wellness. She developed a Wellness Center at her high school and is designing a zen garden in the courtyard. Friends and family can attest to her creatively themed parties that are unparalleled.
Monique loves having fun with her children. She dines out and attends live events with them in Westchester County. She constantly takes time to appreciate the gift and beauty of each day.

Monique is excited to be a contributor who helps raise awareness about the needs, concerns, and interests of moms.

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Monique Johnson, a licensed clinical social worker, certified school social worker, and certified health and wellness coach, specializes in evidence-based counseling practices. In addition to owning her own private clinical practice, Monique is employed as a high school social worker for over 20 years. Born and raised in Westchester County, she continues to reside with her two children and two dogs (one of which is a certified therapy dog who on occasion attends school with her). A cancer survivor, Monique was diagnosed at age 34 with breast cancer after giving birth to her second child. She understands intimately the need for a strong network and community to help during times of crisis. Monique is joining Westchester County Mom because she is passionate about raising awareness and advocating for mental health, especially for mothers and their children. She is committed to reducing the stigma attached to seeking help when needed and accessing resources to improve overall well-being. You can learn more about Monique, her practice, and desire to help others on her website, Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @gowestchestertherapyservices.


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