Making a Home When You Are Constantly Moving


A family packing boxes.I grew up in the same house from the age of 9 to 24. When I got married, I moved out. My kids visited my childhood house a couple of times before my parents decided to sell it and move somewhere quieter and smaller. That’s when it hit me.

My kids probably won’t have a place to call their childhood home. 

We are constantly moving. My husband and I have moved several times due to work assignments and other opportunities. We’ve had over five places where we’ve lived. Only one is the actual house that we own, but we don’t live there right now, and I don’t know if we will be returning. That’s the house we brought our daughter home from the hospital and the one I thought would be their childhood home

When we moved to Westchester from our home, knowing we would only stay for a couple of years, I thought about the importance of making a house a home. But what makes a house a home?

I think a home is made by the love and support the people inside it give to one another. A home is made by strengthening family values and beliefs. It is made by the traditions we create around holidays and celebrations.

So, whether you have a steady place to live or are like us and are constantly moving, remember a home is not made by the physical space you live in but by the life you build together. Make sure that it is filled with love, laughter, fun memories, traditions, and togetherness. 

Our home is wherever we are together. 

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Marcia is a Mexican woman, wife, and mom of a boy and a girl, who has been recently relocated to the USA due to her husband’s job. Together they have been living abroad since 2011 and expect to continue doing so in the future since they love traveling, making friends, learning new cultures, and exploring the world. She is a former elementary school teacher who is certified in TESOL and has many interests not only including education, multiculturalism, and bilingualism. She enjoys working on crafts with her children and as a hobby, she loves crochet, painting, cooking, and baking, for which she is also certified.


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