Managing Family: Meet Stacey


Born and raised in New York City, I now call Westchester County my home. On May 17, 2012 I was given my toughest and most fulfilling responsibility in life as I became a mother to my firstborn, Alexander. Parenting is a role I don’t take lightly, and I know from experience that parenting and families can take many different forms.

Growing up, I really never had that picturesque “traditional” family unit. My parents were separated when I was just three years old, and I don’t have any memories of them being together as a couple. My family made it work. My mom was a single mom who worked full-time as she raised two children. My father lived nearby and was very involved in our everyday life.

There was a lot of shuttling around, juggling of schedules, splitting the holidays…but I never felt that either parent missed a beat when it came to all my school events, extracurricular activities, spending time together, and cultivating family traditions. We were not traditional, but there was always a lot of love and support.

My childhood molded me into the person and parent I am today. It taught me that no matter what, love is the most essential ingredient. Being present for my children, helping them grow into well-rounded, strong little humans with big hearts, is the most important thing to me. And knowing when to ask for help along the way is critical.

I have been happily married for over 10 years to my husband and partner in life, Edan. My oldest son is Alexander, and my little guy is Max. I consider myself a “Momager,” always managing everyone’s schedules, shuttling my boys around to all their activities, and getting everything checked off that never-ending “to do” list!

Earlier in my career, I spent many years working in fashion, beauty, and sports as a public relations and marketing executive. After having children and making the move to Westchester, I wanted to work closer to home, and I now help other families find the right place to call home in Westchester as a realtor.

While motherhood certainly is exhausting and has its challenges, nothing is more fulfilling than hearing my children laugh, smile, and call me “Mommy.” It’s not easy to do it all, but take a deep breath and do the best you can. I can’t wait to share and hear stories about how we all make it work.


  1. Thank you for the introduction Stacey – I look forward to your input – I know you as a Mom – and I have to say you are an incredible mother who juggles a lot, successfully!

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