Boy Was I Wrong: Meet Nidhi


Hi! My name is Nidhi, and I am a first-time mom to an 11-month-old son. 

A couple of years ago, I moved to Westchester County after living in what seemed like a shoebox in Queens. My husband and I were looking for more open space and respite from the city crowds while still maintaining proximity to the city to keep us connected to our friends. After a few months of neighborhood browsing, we landed in Mamaroneck. Not only did it fit our bill, but it also offered so much more in terms of water views, parks, and the amazing restaurant scene on the “Ave.” 

I am a pelvic health and postpartum physical therapist by profession and have spent the last decade of my life treating and engaging with pregnant women and new moms. I have seen them struggle and often helped them “get through” the ordeal. I know a lot about pregnancy changes and what to expect in the dreaded postpartum period. So when I got pregnant, I thought, “I got this!”

Boy, was I wrong! From the morning sickness (which really lasted all day! Funny, they call it “morning sickness”) of the first trimester to the excruciating pain of labor. From the stitched vagina to the cracked nipples. From sleep deprivation to baby blues. From spit-ups to blowouts.

I was wrong about it all! From the pain, exhaustion, and anxiety to the excitement, bliss, and joy of it all. Motherhood has been intense and humbling. 

Ishaan was born on August 15, 2020 in the middle of COVID chaos. There are many things we missed out on, like baby showers, visits from friends and family, and most importantly…help! There were many days when a scratchy throat made us very nervous. But COVID also ended up helping us enjoy our little guy more since my husband spent the majority of last year working from home. 

I returned to work a few months ago, and the struggle of a working mom has been real.  Some days I spend a lot of time with my baby, play hide and seek and make delicious home-cooked meals for him. Other days, I am engrossed in work, reading scientific journals, and depend on my support system to care for him. 

I have always loved my work. I help people feel at home in their body, and it is truly rewarding to see women live their lives without pain. But sometimes, the guilt of loving my work creeps in. How can I even love (or sometimes prioritize) anything other than my baby? Am I not a good mother for wanting to spend time focusing on my career? Will I miss this time later in my life?

But I remind myself that I can love him and other things at the same time. And that he needs his mom to be happy and content. My love for a healthy body and helping people will hopefully teach him these values in the future. 

There is no recipe for how to raise your kids. Every day is a challenge and a blessing at the same time. I have evolved as a person more in the last year than any other time in my life. And I am here to share my journey with you as I try to figure out this thing called motherhood.

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Nidhi lives in Mamaroneck with her husband Chandan and their baby Ishaan. She is a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and specializes in working with women during pregnancy, after childbirth, and the years beyond. She understands (through clinical and personal experience) how hard pregnancy and motherhood can be on a woman’s body. Her passion is to empower women to prevent problems before they happen, know when (and how) to get the care, and always feel at home in their bodies. Nidhi practices locally in Mamaroneck NY and in Midtown Manhattan. Along with helping women in her clinic, she also speaks at local libraries, childbirth education classes, and hospitals to debunk common myths and spread awareness about pelvic health. In her free time (which there isn’t a lot of), she loves exercising, hiking, learning ballet, and planning vacations. Connect with Nidhi through her Instagram page @thinkbeyondpain (and learn everything about pelvic floor and pregnancy) or visit her clinic website to work with her at