When Can I Start Missing My College-Bound Son?


A college-age son hugging his mom.May 1st is an important day for a college-bound high school senior like my son. It’s known as National College Decision Day – or more commonly referred to as “Commitment Day.” This is the deadline to choose what college they’ll attend in the fall.

Just days before this deadline, my son committed to a college. Deposit submitted. Housing application complete. Medical forms uploaded. Orientation Day scheduled. He is officially college-bound.

It feels like we just went on our first college campus visit. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing and how fast it got here. How is my son college-bound? Gulp. This is really happening. He is really going. He’ll be living on a college campus in just about three months. I’m thoroughly excited for him and proud of him!

But, between us, I have to ask a question. When can I start talking about why I’m going to miss my college-bound son? 

Now, you say? OK, cool. I think so too. Cause I got things to say!

I will miss hearing his hardy laughter coming from the basement when he plays online games with friends – even if it’s at 4 a.m.

I will miss my house resembling a scene from the movie “Signs,” with all the 1/2 empty water bottles all over the place.

I will miss it when he interrupts my Zoom calls by throwing a blanket over my head.

I will miss sending him a text from within the house and having him answer in person.

I will miss the thumping up and down the stairs and walking the hallways, making it sound like he has anvils as feet.

I will miss walking into my bedroom and randomly catching him napping in my bed.

I will miss witnessing his daily interactions with his father and both of them denying that they are nothing alike. 

I will miss being together for family celebrations and milestones like his birthday, my birthday, Mother’s Day, etc.

I will miss hearing him practice the piano. Even if it is after many minutes of nagging,  listening to his talent awes me.

I will miss simply knowing that he is here, safe and sound, under the same roof as me, his dad, and his sister.

I will miss his smile and his laugh. And the special way that he can make me laugh and smile. My son is the only one who can always do that.  

Most of all, I’ll just miss him—his presence in our everyday life as a little family of four.

Thank you for letting me get all of that out. I hear it’s good to express your feelings and not keep it all bottled inside. Now that I’ve started, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop.

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Melissa is a Bronx native who moved to Westchester County after she and her high school sweetheart got hitched in 1997. She and her husband live in Mount Kisco with their son Corey (2004) and daughter Mia (2007). Melissa spent many years working in Human Resources and currently works in enrollment and marketing for a child care organization. Melissa is a two-time survivor of Postpartum OCD. She initially became interested in writing to raise awareness for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders but has discovered that writing is a newfound aspect of her life that she thoroughly enjoys. Melissa is excited to write with the Westchester County Mom team and hopes you’ll enjoy her stories of the trials and tribulations of a born-n-raised city girl raising teenagers growing up here in Westchester.


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