Mom Approved Style Tips for a More Stylish New Year


A woman looking at a New Year's Eve dress.We are at the height of New Year’s resolution season, and even if you aren’t making full-blown New Year’s resolutions, much like myself, you are thinking about how you want the upcoming year to go.

Often the focus is on long-term goals, losing weight, advancing your career, and overhauling your mindset. While these are amazing goals and resolutions, they can sometimes be daunting and take time to achieve, which means it’s easy to fall off course, especially in the life of a busy mom.

As you think about your resolutions and goals for the new year, I want to let you in on a little secret – style can be a powerful tool in helping you stick with and level up to your goals. It can be a catalyst to help you feel and act like you’ve already achieved what you set out to do. There is no better motivation to keep you going than feeling like you’ve already accomplished a lot.

For example, losing weight can take months; however, if you dress your body appropriately now, it can have a slimming effect. It will motivate you to continue on your fitness journey.

Dressing the part on the job can give you the confidence to go for that promotion or next role at work. It can also get you noticed through your non-verbal communication. You’re already showing up for the job you want!

And getting dressed each day in nice clothing, not those ratty old sweats, is a mindset booster.

Now I’m not saying style alone will get you where you want to be, but it certainly can contribute. To get you started, here are five simple steps to implement in your wardrobe now to get you dressed in a way that will help you achieve your bigger goals. They even work in the life of a busy mom!

1. Actually style your outfits.

So often, we put on our clothes, and that’s it. We stop. The sleeves fall where they do. The dress hangs loosely around the body. The pants scrunch up around the tops of the shoes a bit too much. All of this is taking away from your style. 

When you get dressed, the best thing you can do is stop for a moment and look in the mirror. Quiet those inner voices telling you bad things about how you look, and think about how you can adjust your clothing to give it a little flare. Roll a sleeve to your natural waistline to help lift up your outfit. Try a French tuck or belt to create a waist. Give your pants a cuff, or try on a different pair of shoes, so the hem doesn’t puddle. 

Experiment with styling your clothing and see what works for your body. It can help define your shape and elevate your look through little details that make a big difference.

2. Add intentional jewelry.

Jewelry makes a world of difference. Picture yourself going to school drop off in sweats and a coat. You look plain and like you just threw on whatever was there. Now picture that outfit again and add in a substantial (not those teeny tiny ones you can’t see through your hair) gold hoop. The metallic flash brightens your face, and adding a visible earring makes you look more put together. 

Now imagine yourself in your big Zoom meeting later in the day. You’re wearing a nice sweater. You look fine, but you don’t stand out. Picture that same sweater with a statement necklace, and now you make an impact from the very beginning of your important work meeting. You’ve essentially set the stage to play a key role in the meeting through your non-verbal communication.

3. Wear that special piece.

Go to your closet. Go ahead, get up, take the device you’re reading this on and go. I’ll wait. Now that you are there dig into that closet and find that piece. You know the one you love, but you’re saving it for a special occasion. Pull that piece out and hang it front and center, on the door knob if you must. Now, think about your next week or so. Of all the things you are doing, where could you potentially wear that piece? Whatever it is, set an intention to wear it and do so. Life is a celebration, don’t wait for that special moment. See how it makes you shine the day you wear it. Now that’s a mindset shifter.

4. Throw out something in your closet.

Since we are already here, we’ll get rid of something. Just like we all have that piece we are waiting to wear, we all have that piece that takes up space in our closet and doesn’t bring us joy. Yet, for some reason, we hang on to it. Maybe it’s a size too small, and we’re waiting for it to fit. Only each time we see it, it makes us frustrated that we aren’t at the weight we need to be to wear it. Perhaps it was once loved, but now it has a little stain making us sad we can no longer wear it. Whatever it is, take that piece out of your closet and throw it away. 

5. Buy yourself a piece to bring you joy!

Now that we’ve made space by throwing out a piece that no longer serves you, you’ve earned the right to fill it with something that does. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to be a piece that lights you up. But before you buy it, you must ensure it’s also functional in your wardrobe. 

Think of three things or events you do regularly. An example is casual family time, in-office work three times per week, and a monthly date night. Now build outfits with that new piece using what you already have in your closet that will work for two events. If you can’t do it with that piece, it doesn’t belong in your wardrobe. Keep looking for a piece you love that meets the functionality requirement. Once you do, snag it and wear it as you planned!

Do you have a favorite style tip from above? I’d love to hear what you’re most excited to implement to help with your bigger goals in the upcoming year! Leave a comment below!

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After spending over ten years living in NYC, Katie moved to Westchester County with her husband in 2016 to start their family. They have been blessed with two beautiful girls Eva (2018) and Carolina (2020). Katie began her career working at some of NYC’s top advertising agencies leading strategic media efforts for Fortune 500 clients in the fashion/beauty space. After a series of events, Katie decided to pursue her lifelong passion and work more deeply in the style realm. She honed her chops, training to become a certified personal stylist under two industry vets. Soon after she founded her personal styling company, Style Outside the City (@styleoutsidethecity). Her business focuses on helping moms who have lost a bit of their creativity and confidence in dressing with all of the changes motherhood (and suburbia) brings. Katie loves to help women truly understand the mental side of style as a way to express themselves and hone their visual identity. She also brings a technical eye to personal style by educating on body shapes, fabrics, closet organization techniques, and shopping skills. She works with clients one-on-one to help them build style and a wardrobe that makes them shine.