Dear Mom, You Need to Read This


A woman writing a letter.Dear Mom, you need to read this.

The new year has started, and maybe you hesitate to write the goals, dreams and hopes you have for yourself. I used to do that before becoming a mom, and I tried writing a list of things I wanted to accomplish after becoming a mom, but I quickly forgot about them. Sometimes we moms need a little reminder.   

Don’t forget you are part of your family.

Make yourself appear in the photos more often. Your kids won’t care about your double chin as you take a selfie or if you have gray hair because you haven’t had time to dye it. They won’t care about how your body looks or if you are wearing make-up or not. When they see these photos in the future, they will remember your love, the warmth of being around your arms, and the home you created for them. 

Play more with your children.  

They won’t be little kids that much longer, so let’s do something fun with them. I know we don’t like playing, but maybe you like painting, so paint together, or perhaps you like going to the park, so take them. Think about something you both can enjoy and do it. 

Take time for yourself.  

Don’t feel guilty about doing something for yourself, whether studying, traveling, going to a spa, or reading a book. Whatever makes you happy and helps you feel like you are your own person, do it. And do it often. 

Give yourself grace.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Being a mom plus whatever else you have going in your life is already hard enough. Don’t be your enemy; treat yourself with love. 

Try to nurture friendships.

Friendships are so good for the soul and refresh you. Going out for coffee or brunch with your friends is a refresh you need. 

So this new year, dear mom, I encourage you to embrace your season of life and enjoy it. Happy New Year. 


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