Motherhood Across Cultures


A diverse group of women.I’ve lived in three different countries and have friends from many other cultures. I have learned so much from them, and our friendships have helped shape me as a mom. 

From the Dutch moms, I learned routine is important.

Dutch moms are taught to set up a routine for their babies from birth. This gives them the freedom to enjoy themselves and have some adult time in the evenings because children are taught to sleep early and self-soothe. I adapted some of their teachings, but we did implement a routine for both our kids, and eight years later, it still works wonderfully. 

Dutch moms also let kids enjoy nature and be kids.

They let them play outside freely for hours daily. They let them explore, get dirty, and have fun using their imagination. They aren’t stuck to screens that much and they go to parks almost every afternoon. So, even though I don’t like going to parks, I try to let them play outside in our backyard whenever the weather allows it, especially during the summer months.

From my American friends I have learned so much about the way, they speak to the little ones.

They are generally gentle and kind and I think I have modified the way I speak to my own kids too. They seem to get into the child’s minds, validate their emotions, and explain things in ways they can understand. 

And what I think Mexican and Latinx moms, in general, bring to the table is that we are fierce and passionate.

I guess all moms are, to a certain extent, but we tend to be more overprotective of our children probably because our countries aren’t that safe but this also protects them from growing up too fast (at least here in the US). 

I have African friends from which I have learned from their ancestral wisdom in their care towards their families, and Asian moms that prioritize discipline and good habits. 

I feel blessed to know these women because they enrich my life with their perspectives, and I learn from how they raise their families. None of them are better than the others, just different, and we need each other to become better. So, thank you to all those women who I have met and who have taught me wonderful things, you are all amazing women and mothers. 


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