A Natural Solution to Pregnancy Aches and Pains

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No one tells you about the gross things during pregnancy and how much your body will change. There is so much more going on than that growing belly. Say goodbye to sleeping through the night and being able to bend over and tie your shoes. And, even if you’re an experienced mama, the added stress and weight of caring for younger children causes even more strain on your body. If you are seeking a natural solution to address your discomfort, consider seeing a chiropractor.Dr. Shrine with a patient.

Pregnancy chiropractic care removes interference in the body, gently and specifically re-aligning the spine to allow for proper function. It can help with many types of pain associated with pregnancy, including low back, hip, sciatic, mid-back, and neck pain. I mean, there is only so much a body pillow can do! Chiropractic care is a complete healing system that seeks to remove unwanted nerve interference, restore better balance, and allow you to achieve your highest health potential naturally. 

Dr. Robert Shire is an expert prenatal chiropractor in NYC who is ICPA certified in the Webster Technique that applies an adjustment to release the areas of restriction, allowing the mother’s body to relax and fall into balance. When this occurs, the baby can slip into the head-down vertex position for natural childbirth.

Dr. Shire became certified in pediatric chiropractic while in chiropractic school. His wife was pregnant at the time, and she received regular adjustments throughout her pregnancy. He realized how much this care made her pregnancy and delivery easier. He decided to get his Webster certification to help his pregnant moms have the best outcomes possible. After all, if Mom is happy, everyone in the family is happy!

All three of my babies (only two pregnancies) were all breech. The discomfort at times was unbearable, especially carrying twins. There wasn’t much room for them to move, and I had two c-sections. I wish I had known then that natural pain relief was available, and I could have increased my chances of a natural delivery. I definitely would have been a much happier mama. 

Chiropractic care is highly beneficial during every stage of pregnancy and goes beyond relieving pain. Many additional benefits will help make your pregnancy a little easier. Maybe that’s why some women get that pregnancy glow!

Dr. Shire’s masterful hands-on adjusting skills and compassionate care combine to serve an outstanding chiropractic experience. He not only takes care of pregnant moms but babies, athletes, and more. People of all ages can find relief under Dr. Shire’s care. 

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