New Year, New Workouts (from home!)


A woman doing an at-home workout in her living room.As the weather gets colder and the pandemic seems to be heating back up (gah!), I feel grateful for one of my 2020 quarantine discoveries: YouTube exercise videos. Back in March of 2020, with more time at home and no access to a gym, I started working out in my living room with my two sons playing nearby. More trainers and fitness companies were churning out at-home videos for free, and soon I was burning 300-500 calories from the comfort of my own home.

Over the next year and a half, I continued my quest for fitness by adding in a weekly run but not giving up my YouTube trainers. If you are like me and have kids, a job, a house (oh my!), you know how hard it can be to find time to exercise. And now that it is January, I’m sure you, like me, are looking for ways to incorporate fitness into your routine. I have been able to do this successfully by adding short workouts to my day three times per week. I wake up before the rest of my household and step into the dark living room, where the glow of the television screen brings me to life. 

It’s a small sacrifice, about thirty minutes less sleep than I usually get, but in those twenty to twenty-five minutes, I can work up a sweat and get myself ready for the day. I invariably feel stronger, more refreshed, and happier on the days I force myself out of bed to work out. 

Even if you are someone with a great fitness routine in place, you can find various videos on YouTube that might challenge your body in new ways. I recently discovered some Pilates-based cardio workouts, something I had never tried, and my muscles were sore in such a satisfying way.

I personally enjoy high-intensity cardio and strength training, so here are some of my recommendations. But if you prefer yoga or dancing, then fire up the search bar until you find something that suits your style. 

Orange Theory – You may be familiar with their studios, but during the start of the pandemic, they started putting out fitness routines complete with timers and demonstrations. The quality only got better over time. They don’t put out new videos since their studios are open again, but you can access all of their videos on YouTube (or directly from their app!).

PopSugar is a channel that features some of my favorite trainers. Explore the options there.

I enjoy Jeanette Jenkins , who does cardio kickboxing. She also has her own fitness club with more videos on her website.

I also like Kit Rich’s Pilates-infused cardio workouts.

Do you do at-home workouts? What new workouts have you tried?