Oh-Two-dles! Themed Birthday Party


For my daughter’s 2nd Birthday Party, we went for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and had an amazing time.

I love throwing birthday parties for my kids. It’s fun to find a theme and get crafty. I never really have a huge vision and I certainly do not have decorating expertise. I just have a mental must-do list that usually falls into place. This list includes: venue, invitations, cake or cupcakes, goodie bags, sugar cookies, food, drinks, and age appropriate activities.

I consider how much free time I actually have between now and the event along with my budget, and that determines how much I can DIY and how much I can order. I plan and purchase as much as I can early, and leave all the food prep until a day or two before. Usually the night before the event is a long sleepless night, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re looking for birthday party ideas and your child loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, read on for some ideas that were a hit for us.


I think a venue thats decor is rich in the basic colors is the perfect choice for a Mickey Mouse-themed toddler birthday party. Which is why we went with My Gym. This was actually the third birthday party we hosted at My Gym, because it is such a great place for little children and you get exclusive use of the space.

The Play Place and Gymboree are two other fantastic venues. It was important for me to select a venue that had room for toddlers to climb and explore with activities that both children and parents would enjoy. I also needed a place where parents wouldn’t be frantically trying to find their kids every few minutes.


Punchbowl Invitations

I generally go back and forth between Evites and Punchbowl when I use online invitations. For this themed party, I found the perfect design on Punchbowl.

Favor Boxes

For party bags, we went with assorted colored treat boxes and stuffed them with assorted colored tissue papers. Some of the favors we included were: bubbles, stickers, bouncy balls, crayons, coloring books, lollipops, and mini cameras. The favor box labels I had personalized and printed at Party City.


In my experience, at this age balloons are some of the most enjoyed favors, so for each box, I attached a balloon.


Rainbow Cupcakes                

Right before my daughter’s 2nd birthday, my friend had experimented with rainbow cupcakes for her daughter’s party. Rainbow cupcakes are easy to make, and are so easy to decorate. I used a white baking cup so that the colors would be visible through the paper. For a topping, I used the white icing and mini Oreos for ears.

Themed Extras:

“Mousekatools” cutlery

  1. Polka dot napkins
  2. Black ribbon
  3. Scotch Tape
  4. Yellow plastic utensils
  5. Mickey Hand Cutouts

Sugar Cookies

  1. Mickey Cookie Cutter
  2. Number “2” Cookie Cutter
  3. Cookie Dough Mix
  4. Black, red, and white cookie icing

Photo Props

Oh Two-dles Fruit Platter

For more Oh Two-dles themed party ideas, visit my Pinterest board.


What birthday party themes do you love for 2-year olds? Share in the comments!

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