Absurdimals Books

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“There’s no such thing as too different, there’s only new-different.” 

Reading books with my kids has been a great way to introduce them to new concepts and help start wonderful conversations. Recently, we’ve been reading the two lovely stories from the Absurdimals series, Lola Goes to School and Chester Learns to Swim. Both feature animals that are different from their peers – a half bunny/half elephant named Lola and a half dog/half duck named Chester. The illustrations are cute and the text is simple and easy to follow. I like that both stories are short enough to read with my 1.5 year old too.  

The stories both emphasize the importance of accepting one another and focusing on what connects us rather than what makes us different. Being different is cool, unique, and special! These books have been great for instilling empathy in my kids, especially my three year-old who is very tuned into his emotions these days. He even asked to read Lola Goes to School twice in one night. 

I absolutely love the message of honoring different identities and making friends with people from different walks of life. The characters in these stories help to enforce concepts of self-love, acceptance, and community-building. Most importantly, the stories help kids to understand that the best thing we can each be is our own authentic self.  

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