Family Game Night: Small Gesture, Big Win


family game nightMom guilt is real. Mom guilt during a pandemic is real, normal. There are some days when my to-do list is too long, my fuse is too short, and I’ve given into way too much screen time. 

My saving grace? Family game night. 

For some reason, I hadn’t considered game night as an available tool for my family yet. I assumed that my toddler son was just too young to appreciate it. It turns out my toddler son is exactly the age that appreciates 20 minutes of one on one time with his parents. It’s not much, but it’s 20 minutes I can count on to relieve the mom guilt. 

It’s a turnkey way I, we, can turn off for just 20 minutes and have a little focus and fun.  

There are the tried and true games we all grew up with, but there’s also a surprising amount of new games out there for the little ones. Here’s a roundup of games kid (& parents) approved.

Games perfect for the 5 and under crew:

Banana Blast by Goliath: Short on time? This one goes fast. We usually play 5 or 6 rounds.

Dino Crunch by Goliath: This one is anxiety-provoking, waiting for the Dino to chomp.  It scares my son on his off-nights…other nights, he loves the anticipation!

Dinosaur Escape by Peaceable Kingdom: Team play ensures there are no “losers.” It’s perfect for those who need to win all the time. Also, Parent’s Choice Silver Award Winner!

Don’t Break The Ice by Hasbro: What kid doesn’t love being allowed to bang on something with a hammer?! Available in Disney’s Frozen edition too.

Zingo Bingo by ThinkFun: Bingo with flair.

Chutes & Ladders by Hasbro: A true classic. It’s fun and helps with number sequencing.

Candy Land by Hasbro: A yummy blast from the past.

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