Life Is All Too Fleeting



Why does it take a tragedy to appreciate the things in life we are already blessed to have?

Sooner rather than later, we tend to forget the lessons that we have learned through tragedy. Life goes on, and we begin to once again underappreciate the things we have, and then, like a ticking time bomb, tragedy will happen once again. And for a few days or weeks following, we will remember to savor every moment life has to offer. It shouldn’t take these events happening to live the lives we love and to be good humans. 

Life is all too fleeting, so live in the here and now. Don’t wait for tragedy to come. Go and spend time with the people you love and enjoy. Do the things that you’re passionate about. Take that trip. Adopt the puppy. Have the second glass of wine. And remember to count your blessings and live life the way you want to live it.

In the end, it’s not about the money we have or the items we own. It’s about the amount of love we give to people and the amount of love we receive. Life is lived and most enjoyed in the moments of laughter, friendship, family, and, most of all, love. 

In light of all that has gone on at the beginning of a new decade, we must take these things with us and remember to create and live in the moments that make us the happiest because, in the end, those moments are what makes life worth living. 

Now, go hug your children; send an “I love you” text to your spouse, siblings, and parents; make plans with old friends, smile at a stranger. Always remember that it doesn’t take a tragedy to live the life we love and deserve. 

Melissa was born and raised in Fairfield County. She currently lives in Stamford with her husband and their 6-year-old daughter and their boy/girl twins born December 2018. She works for a pediatric group in Fairfield as a mental health therapist, a job she truly loves and is thankful for the children she sees day to day that keep her hip, cool, and in the know of all things adolescent. She spends most of her free time going on dates with her handsome hubby, nature walks and playgrounds with the kiddos, snuggling her sweet puppy, and spending way too much money at Target.