October 5 – 10: International Babywearing Week


october-5-10When my son was born, he, like most babies, wanted to be held and nursed all day long.  Generally, he would only sleep in arms or laying on a loving family member’s chest, and he required all of my emotional energy all of the time.  Experts call this phase the fourth trimester, and the snuggles that accompany it are unlike anything else.  During the fourth trimester, it couldn’t be clearer that there’s suddenly another human who’s totally reliant on you to survive and thrive.  Bundle this with a lack of sleep, and you have a recipe for major mom overload.

Enter babywearing – the magical, time honored tradition of wrapping up your baby and continuing on with your life while they’re strapped in and cuddled close.  Babywearing has been practiced all over the world for centuries by moms and dads who needed to attend to the needs of their child while continuing their daily activities.  Babywearing calms small babies, helps them sleep, supports a good nursing relationship, and enables sanity for parents.  I wouldn’t have made it through maternity leave or my son’s first year without my baby carriers.  Now, my son is a toddler and I still wear him almost daily.

This week is International Babywearing Week (IBW), and it’s a great time to learn more about carriers, practice using them, and connect with local parents and families.  Here in Westchester, we have lots of events sponsored by local businesses and Babywearing International of Rockland-Westchester to share the babywearing love!  You can find out more about our chapter and our IBW events by joining our Facebook group or checking out our website and calendar.  If you’re not local to Westchester, check out the Babywearing International website to find a chapter near you and join the party.


IBW Rockland-Westchester Events

Wednesday October 5

  • Tot Hike and Playdate – 9:30AM John Jay Homestead, Katonah
  • Coffee Talk – 10am Red Hill Coffee, New City
  • Carrier Clinic – 4pm Suffern Free Library

Thursday October 6 

  • Coffee and Carriers – 9:30am First Village Coffee, Ossining
  • Babywearing Hike, Rockland TBD

Friday October 7

  • Walkway Over the Hudson, 9:30 Poughkeepsie side
  • Babywearing Yoga – 11am Dragonfly Wellness, Ossining
  • Fancy Finishes Friday Workshop

Saturday October 8

  • Family Hike – 9:30am Teatown Lake Reservation, Ossining
  • NYC Picnic – 12pm Hecksher Playground, Central Park NYC

Sunday October 9

  • Babywearing Workout – 9:30am Westchester TBD
  • Apple Picking – The Orchards of Cocklin, Pomona

Monday October 10

  • Pumpkin Picking – 11:30am Muscoot Farm, Katonah


Volunteer Babywearing Educators will be available at all of our events to help you with your carrier.  We’d love to see you at any of the events or at a meeting soon!

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Amy is a Hudson Valley native and educator working in New York City schools. She has two little kids and one little dog. Before moving to her current home in Ossining, Amy attended college on Long Island and then spent most of her 20s in Brooklyn and Queens. New York is truly home for her, and she’s thrilled to be living closer to her hometown of Garrison and her extended family. As a mom, Amy believes in empowered parenting, and she’s passionate about raising her kids to be partners in the fight for social justice. When she’s not working or trying to figure out nap time, Amy loves hiking, yoga, swimming, and relaxing with her family.