Park Hop Play Dates!


park play dates

Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out a way to get some structured play time in to your summer schedule without breaking the bank?

I remember thinking that play dates needed to consist of an activity like visiting a movie theater or grabbing a bite to eat. The truth of the matter is that those awesome ideas don’t always fit into the budget. I would spend days trying to look up inexpensive play places or kid-friendly restaurants. Coordinating play dates became nearly as complicated as organizing a child’s first birthday party! 

In addition to the stress of finding the perfect venue for hosting a play date, I also struggled with the scheduling process. Many parents prefer to meet up before just dropping their kids off with someone else to hang out; and I totally get it, as my kids typically don’t go anywhere with anyone else alone! So now the issue becomes finding a way to set up the preliminary mommy meet-up to make sure that the kids are all in good hands. How time consuming! At some point we have to get back to making things simpler.

Why not just meet at a local park? The kids can play and the adults can get to know one another. 

Maybe there is a girlfriend you have been meaning to reach out to. Just give her a call, set the date, grab a couple of coffees and meet up at the park. Ladies, all of our friends don’t have children but that doesn’t mean that they won’t enjoy sitting outside and chatting with you while your kids get some fresh air and play. This is a great way to squeeze in a little “me time” and enjoy some grown up conversation. 

Perhaps you are looking to meet some new friends. This is another great opportunity to do so! Throw a few snacks in your bag and plan to spend an hour out and about. Set a goal of meeting one new “friend” while your kids run free and make plenty! 

If you are interested in bringing your little one(s) to a play date at a local park, we would love to invite you to join us!

Westchester County Moms Blog will be hosting a couple of park hop play dates this summer. We provide snacks, drinks, and an opportunity to meet other local families. Be sure to visit our Facebook page for the locations, dates, and times! 

If you aren’t able to make it to one of our park hops, don’t sweat it! We have put together an awesome guide to Westchester parks and playgrounds. So feel free to visit them on your own time. 

If you don’t see your favorite park on the list, please let us know! 

Remember, Westchester County has a variety of local summer fun available at little to no cost. If you are looking to add some more activities to your summer line-up, then check out  this guide to events happening in July!