Preserve It All With Artimus Art

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Art in the time of COVID has helped kids cope, and Artimus Art has helped parents preserve it all.

Kids have always loved to create art, and 2020 has seen kids create more artwork than ever before. For decades, art therapists have used art to help foster self-expression and manage stress and anxiety. While not all kids have therapists, they certainly have used art to work through emotions and fears.

Of course, with no classroom learning and no summer camps or vacations, kids have had more time to create art than ever before. As a result, parents now have an exceptional collection of very meaningful art. So what do you do with all that artwork?

This is certainly not artwork that a parent can toss, but then again, is any art made by your little ones ever tossable? No! Which is why parents hang on to it for decades. Unfortunately, it usually ends up in bins, stuffed into closets or basements, never to be seen again.

Artimus Art was founded in 2008 to help parents organize, preserve, and eventually open the door to doing away with the art originals by turning all the artwork into a gorgeous, hardcover book. The process is designed to be easy for working and busy families, and in the age of Marie Kondo minimalism, keeping it is a faux pas.

Artimus Art will send you a box to help you collect and organize the artwork. Then when you’re ready, send it off using the included return label. The box allows parents to decide what will go into the book and what won’t. Then Artimus Art professionally reproduces the artwork and uploads the images to your online account. In 5 easy steps, you create your book. See how easy it is here

All that artwork, whether it’s this year’s COVID art or last year’s art, it all gets transformed into a beautiful archival book. Choose to have the art returned or not. It’s up to you.

Child in art class with picture. Preschool.

Just visit Artimus Art and sign up for a package. There are two book sizes to choose from, and you can include all the crazy art and crafts they’ve created. 

Order your Artimus box today for $30 to get started. Book copies are wonderful gifts. The best gift, however, is the one where parents get to eliminate years worth of art while still preserving it in a meaningful way.

So get going and encourage your children to create all the art projects they can. Grab the paints, crayons, markers, or any other supplies you have and get creative! Use this free printable as your inspiration. Follow Artimus Art on Instagram @artimusartbooks for more great ideas!

Dana Hostage, entrepreneur and mother of three, was inspired by her daughter Mina’s artistic talent. In 2008 she launched She had the brilliant idea of turning all the kid artwork that was posted on her walls and refrigerators into a beautiful archival book. “It was heartbreaking to take it all down because I knew we’d never see it again,” Dana confessed.

What she didn’t expect was the remarkable reaction parents had to the idea. Dana’s children are now grown and have been preserving kids’ artwork coast to coast for over a decade. She’s inspired by each piece of art that comes into the studio and is amazed at how talented kids are!