Mom Friends


mom friendshipFinding and keeping mom friends can be hard. There I said it. Many things can ruin or even prevent a friendship from happening once you are a mom. Instead of diving into those reasons, I want to say a few things I have learned that work when finding, having, and keeping good and positive mom friendships

Be the mom who smiles at other moms.

Be the mom who invites and includes new moms to join your group.

Be the mom who talks positively about other moms.

Be the mom who never complains or speaks ill about other kids.

Be the mom who cheers on other moms.

Be the mom who is there for another mom when needed.

Be the mom who asks your mom friends how they are but really means it.

Be the mom who loves your mom friend’s children like yours.

Be the mom who doesn’t judge other moms. 

Be the mom who is supportive of other moms’ decisions and choices. 

Be the mom who is herself, not pretending to be better or perfect than others. 

Be the mom who gets excited about other mom’s accomplishments (or her children’s accomplishments).

Be the mom you would want to have as a friend.