Mom’s Best Friend


mom's best friend

The first time our eyes met, I felt like it was instant infatuation!

There was nothing like that look he gave me and showered my face with kisses! The attraction was instant and mutual. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

Yes, the kids and my husband love the dog too, and I believe he loves them, but I am the favorite. We are besties!

The kids wanted a dog, our cousins were wonderful enough to give him to us, and everyone was happy and in love. Some moments are life-changing, getting him, was one of them.

The kids were thrilled, and although they didn’t always walk him enthusiastically, their connections were instantaneous. For a while in the beginning, when the girls didn’t listen or didn’t do what I asked, I threatened to get rid of the dog! They soon figured out I was faking it and loved him more than I ever thought possible.

When I am upset or stressed about something, he sits with me. When I was sick about a year ago with the flu, he laid at my feet. When I leave, he gets upset, and when I come home, it is the event of the century – as if I was gone forever. I think he does this for the other members of my family, but I don’t notice.

We are buddies, and “he loves me best,” I always say. Yes, the others may disagree, but I know the truth. How do I know? Simple, while much like a typical family, we can all bicker and disagree and annoy each other from time to time, the dog is never the cause.

I look at him, and the world is better. He listens without talking back and is willing to do anything for a treat. That my friends is loyalty, respect, and dedication that is unwavering. Parenting doesn’t quite work this way! Our relationship, like any good one, works both ways. I would do anything for him, without question, even walks in single-digit weather. Now that is love.

I love the serenity of our walks and the companionship we share. Yes, I understand, I may be a little crazy about him. Some of my friends think it is more than a little crazy, but with that kind of single-minded faithfulness, I think it is well deserved. Every family should experience having a dog as the kids grow up.

Our oldest leaves for college soon, I think the dog and I will commiserate over this together. We’ll have to figure out how to feel whole while she is far away. I may need to lean on my furry best friend, but I know he’ll get it. He’ll figure it out and realize she’s gone for a while, and we’ll sit and stare at each other and get through yet another one of life’s challenges.