Shredding It Up at SHRED Fitness

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Shred Fitness

Westchester County Moms Blog was provided the opportunity to visit Scarsdale’s newest boutique fitness studio – SHRED Fitness. Located on Weaver Street, SHRED Fitness provides the newest innovative circuit training by incorporating body weight and barbell workouts with cardio intervals on the Skier’s Edge – a machine that simulates the side-to-side lateral motion that is experienced when skiing. By focusing the exercise experience on lateral motion, you workout and strengthen the small stabilizer muscles, which help to support the larger dominant muscles throughout your whole body.

Founder, owner, and Westchester native, Caroline Levere, a competitive skier and ski instructor in Sun Valley, Idaho conceptualized SHRED Fitness. She wanted everyone at all fitness levels to experience all of the strengthening properties that lateral body movements can develop. Caroline believes that embracing an overall fitness routine helped her to boost her strength and performance both on and off the ski slopes.

As a result, she wanted to bring this activity to Westchester to help her fitness clients experience this same feeling. This particular workout improves overall body strength, helps to enhance coordination and balance of the body and encourages the body to be ready for everyday activities. Also, the emphasis on lateral motion really helps prevent injury.

I have to admit, coming to the class for the first time, I was extremely nervous and a bit intimidated solely because I have never skied before in my life. I exercise pretty regularly doing cardio and strength-based exercises, in the gym, at home and outside, but there was something about this class that had me nervous. Caroline and Kristen, our instructor for the evening, welcomed us in the studio with open arms and described what our workout would entail, much like having a conversation with your girlfriends about what is going on in your life. That eased my tension.

Once we entered the studio, we received a tutorial of how to use the Skier’s Edge machine. This machine can be best described as a foot glider moving horizontally with a handle bar in the front of the machine for stability. The key thing that I want to emphasize is that this workout is great for ALL fitness levels. From the beginner exerciser, to the super experienced exerciser. Modifications can be made for every single exercise move. Ask your instructor; they will be more than happy to modify an exercise for you.

We moved through circuits using the Skier’s Edge machine, and also completing body weight exercises on the studio floor such as lunges, planks, push-ups, burpees and squats. Each circuit moved by pretty quickly, even though when you are going through the motions, the time seems like it will never end.

The class duration was approximately 50 minutes, and our instructor cheered us on through every exercise circuit we were in the midst of completing. The studio is intimate, with each class maxing out at 12 people. This class reminded me of a boot camp type of class in that people were completing circuit exercises in their own time, and would be able to swap to the next exercise once they have completed the current exercise.

To me, this class was a great experience to sweat and to learn how to move my body in a new and challenging direction. I am used to completing cardio intervals on an elliptical trainer, a stair master or a treadmill on an incline. The Skier’s Edge machine helped me to train my legs from side to side, as well as engaging my abs and my glutes.

As a local business, SHRED Fitness loves to involve itself in the community, which is why they give back to a different community charity each month to assist others on their path to wellness and fitness.

You are definitely going to want to try one of these classes with top-notch fitness instructors. Sessions are available for purchase for singular classes, or multiple class packages.

SHRED is happy to give two lucky Westchester County Moms Blog readers a 3-pack of classes each to try its classes! To enter, individuals must follow @westchestercountymomsblog and @shred_fitness on Instagram and tag a friend in the specified giveaway post. Winners will be notified via DM.

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