Spotlight on Westchester: Briarcliff


We all love our own little cozy corners of Westchester. There are so many things to do and see, places to eat, parks to visit. We love exploring the county and “finding” the kid-friendly gems! Even if you have lived here your entire life, you can still find new fun things to do all the time. It is our mom-bloggin’ duty to highlight some of those awesome places so that other moms can take advantage too! With each installment one or two new towns/cities will be highlighted to give you a glimpse into the awesomeness that is Westchester! Be sure to read all posts in our Spotlight on Westchester Series.Briarcliff

Briarcliff is a small village that was once voted New York State’s most boring town, but the metrics by which this was calculated are questionable. For example, a high percentage of households with kids lead to a higher “boring rating.” I would strongly dispute this methodology, but it’s true that Briarcliff is small and spread out by Westchester standards. Nonetheless, there are still some lovely places to shop, eat, and chill.  

What to do:

Briarcliff Manor Library – The Children’s programming here is wonderful and I absolutely love the Tudor-style building. 

Briarcliff Toy Shop – A wonderful little store for birthday presents, especially because they do the wrapping!

Wondrous Things – Next door to the toy store you’ll find this cute gift shop. The name says it all. Their goal is to make gift-giving easy.

March – This boutique is expensive but lovely, so I usually stick to the sales rack. They carry a collection of trendy clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories featuring many of the most eclectic, emerging and established fashion designers around.

Karma Road Yoga – This place is new and while I haven’t personally attended a class, I have heard good things. They offer baby and me yoga on Friday mornings and a prenatal class on Tuesday evenings.  

Head outside:

Unfortunately, Briarcliff is one of those annoying municipalities that require residency in order to use their parks facilities. But in Nearby Ossining or Pleasantville, parks and playgrounds are accessible to all. 

Rockafellar State Park – Not technically in Briarcliff, but super close by, this is a great spot for a hike.  

The County Trailway – Perfect for beautiful bike rides. Pick up the trail from Briarcliff behind the library.  

Where to eat:

Moonbean Cafe – Our absolute favorite coffee shop and place for a delicious lunch. I recommend the signature Moonbean latte and the Briar salad. My favorite thing about this place (besides the caffeine) is that it’s dog friendly.

The Patio – Located just down from Moonbean, this diner is a good choice if you’re looking for a larger menu of lunches and breakfasts.

Donato’s – Quality pizza and the grandma’s slices are pretty great.

Orfino’s – Ok, so most of Briarcliff’s best food spots (and shops) are within about a block of one another. Orfino’s has a great selection of sandwiches and wraps for you to choose from.

Maya Riviera – This one’s on the other side of town and offers delicious Mexican food. They have live music every once in a while which is fun.

Guadalajara – Another great Mexican spot off Route 9 at the South end of town. They offer table-side guacamole and margaritas, plus live mariachi and outdoor seats during warmer weather.

Boring, shmoring. Briarcliff is cute. Where is your favorite place to visit in Briarcliff?

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Amy is a Hudson Valley native and educator working in New York City schools. She has two little kids and one little dog. Before moving to her current home in Ossining, Amy attended college on Long Island and then spent most of her 20s in Brooklyn and Queens. New York is truly home for her, and she’s thrilled to be living closer to her hometown of Garrison and her extended family. As a mom, Amy believes in empowered parenting, and she’s passionate about raising her kids to be partners in the fight for social justice. When she’s not working or trying to figure out nap time, Amy loves hiking, yoga, swimming, and relaxing with her family.