Stronger and Sexier Arms Are Only an 8-Minute Investment


stronger arms

It may seem too good to be true as I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “How can something that requires such a short amount of time produce real results?”

There is a slight caveat. It produces results when you’re consistent in your efforts, meaning you show up multiple times a week. This isn’t a one-hit-wonder workout. Rather, it’s a commitment.

On the flip side, you can’t think that committing to 8-minutes several times a week is an impossible feat. We all have 8-minutes to devote to ourselves. We do. 

I want to drive that home because it’s important to understand that what you think influences what you say, which influences what you do. It’s all incestually connected and perverse, but undeniably true.

When you say things like: I don’t have the time, or that sounds too hard, or I can’t do that!… it sets in motion a freight train of destruction. And this train is headed for your aspirations. Its GPS is zeroed in on what you hope to accomplish and will barrel over any attempts to stop it once in motion.

Believing you can accomplish something is the first step in making anything happen. 

If you want to strengthen your arms and feel all the sexiness that comes with putting on those sleeveless dresses, then give me 8-minutes, and I’ll give you arms you’ll be proud to sway while you swag all over the backyard this summer. Don’t do it for the masses, do it for you!

If you’re game, here’s what you’re going to do…

After a quick warm-up, set a timer for 8-minutes:
Minute 1–4:
15 Bicep curls
5 Plank Push-Ups*
10 Tricep Kickbacks**

Repeat until you reach Minute-5, at which point you will add one additional rep each minute.

Minute 5:
16 Bicep Curls
6 Plank Push-Ups
11 Tricep Kickbacks

Minute 6:
17 Bicep Curls
7 Plank Push-Ups
12 Tricep Kickbacks

Minute 7:
18 Bicep Curls
8 Plank Push-Ups
13 Tricep Kickbacks

Minute 8:
19 Bicep Curls
9 Plank Push-Ups
14 Tricep Kickbacks

Cooldown. That’s it. Done. 8-minutes of work, heart rate up, blood pumping, arms shaky. Mission accomplished. 

Add that routine to whatever you’re already doing or do it on its own when you’re super short on time, and over one month, you will notice a difference in the shape and strength of your arms.

The little things you do regularly are what creates your life. 8-minutes will make a difference when done consistently.

•   •   •

*Plank Push-Up: Get into a plank position (which looks like a full push-up position) with your toes tucked underneath, your belly button pulled slightly in toward your spine, and your palms flat on the floor, shoulders directly above your wrists. (You can also do this from your knees if you’re new to it. Just make sure your butt isn’t up in the air!).

Next, while keeping your body straight, you’re going to lower down to your forearms, one arm at a time. When you’re in a lowered plank position, you then reverse the move by placing one palm at a time on the floor and pushing yourself back up to your starting full-plank position. Keep repeating.

**Tricep Kickback: In a standing position, slightly hinge forward at the hips and bend your knees a little. Pull your belly button in towards your spine and tuck your hands into your armpits, sending your elbows back and shoulder blades pressing together. From there, you will fully extend your arms back, hold for a count, and then bring them back to starting position. The only thing you’re moving is your arms, everything else stays stationary.