Summer Break Is Approaching, but the Learning Needs To Continue


summer learningSchool is ending and we are all wondering what to do with the kids for two months during the summer.

With the COVID restrictions decreasing and camps being open, we have many more options for the kids to enjoy. However, as a former teacher, I want to remind you that it is also important to stimulate the child’s brain and have them practice the basic skills for math, reading and writing.

There are many ways to do this in a fun way so it doesn’t feel like they are still in school. If they don’t practice these skills during the summer, children lose about 30% of acquired skills and taking off at the beginning of a new school year takes them a bit more time.

Here are some recommendations to keep the learning going during the summer.

  1. Read for 15 to 20 minutes each day. Read as a family, read to them aloud, and also promote independent reading.
  2. Get a summer practice book where they practice all the basic skills they learned during the previous school year.
  3. Take them shopping with you and give them jobs to do according to their ages. For example, “Help me pick 5 tomatoes, or I need 1 pound of potatoes” and have them weigh them. Have them practice simple operations when you pay, etc. Get creative bringing math to real life.
  4. Ask them to write a card to a family member, make a family story or poem contest, and get creative with having them practice writing at least three times a week.
  5. Avoid screens as much as possible. They already spent a whole school year learning through one, so try and have them build things, paint, etc. Get creative!
  6. Play outdoors as much as possible and have them explore nature.

By keeping up the summer learning and spending time with your children, you are helping them build previous knowledge for whatever new content they will learn next year. You will be building amazing memories with your children too, and that’s the most important thing of all.

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Marcia is a Mexican woman, wife, and mom of a boy and a girl, who has been recently relocated to the USA due to her husband’s job. Together they have been living abroad since 2011 and expect to continue doing so in the future since they love traveling, making friends, learning new cultures, and exploring the world. She is a former elementary school teacher who is certified in TESOL and has many interests not only including education, multiculturalism, and bilingualism. She enjoys working on crafts with her children and as a hobby, she loves crochet, painting, cooking, and baking, for which she is also certified.