Sunglasses: The Top 5 Reals and Steals of 2019


Summer is just around the corner and what would a bright, hot summer day be without a perfect pair of sunnies? Shopping for sunglasses can be stressful. There are thousands to choose from and I hate having to ask the lady behind the counter to show me the 300th pair that I’m still not sold on.

To help streamline your choices this summer, we’re counting down the top 5 styles that you’ll see every mom rocking (or wish they were) on the beach! We’re talking the real (designer) and steal (the look for less) so that whatever your budget, you can find a style that’s perfect for you.

5. The Granny:

Remember those glasses your grandmother used to rock? They’re back and even better than before. I’m pretty sure I thought these glasses were ridiculous when I first saw my Grandma rocking them twenty years ago. Fendi however has brought back these popular over-sized spectacles and now I’m longing for a pair of my own. I love the ombre ones (pictured right) and am thinking maybe Grandma had it right all along? 

Real: Fendi Oversized Square Acetate [$400 – pictured]

Steal: The Sunglass Museum – “The Kate”  [$22]


4. The Classic Cat-Eye:

Who doesn’t love a good cat-eye pair of sunglasses? Purrrrfect (yes I did that) for almost all face shapes, it’s easy to see why these have been in style for years. While Audrey Hepburn popularized them in Breakfast at Tiffanys, designers like Valentino have taken them one step further. Chains, stripes and even embellishments have upped the cat-eye game and I’m here for it ladies. No matter which kind you choose, they are a definite staple for one’s summer wardrobe. 

Real: Valentino Acetate Cat-Eye Sunglasses [$400 – pictured]

Steal: SOJO’s sells pairs on Amazon that come’s in tons of fun colors! Not only are they prime eligible, but only [$9.99] as well! 


3. The Heart Eye: 

Spread the love this summer with heart glasses. While they haven’t really been popular since Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita in the 60’s, these love glasses are coming back in a big way. Saint Laurent and Gucci have both come out with gorgeous editions of the look this year in a ton of fun colors. I love that most of them flair upwards on each side, complimenting all face shapes and sizes! 

Real: Saint Laurent Lou Lou Heart-Shaped Glasses [$490 – pictured]

Steal: Love heart shaped Sunglasses can be found on Amazon. Lots of fun colors and only [$8.99]


2. Same Aviator, Different Shape: 

While aviators have been around for quite some time, new shapes are rocking this tried and true summer look! Ray-Ban debuted their “Hexagonal Flat Lenses” and they come in 8 different colors (I myself am loving the gold with the lilac mirror look).

Real: Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Lenses [$178]

Steal: ASOS Design Metal Hexagon  [$19]



1. The Statement Pair:

You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that seem so extreme and so outrageous that you just have to ask where they’re from? They are making a big statement this summer and you’ll want to be the first to show them off. The Anna-Karin Karlsson pictured are stunning, but with so many cheaper alternatives, you don’t have to break the bank to make a statement this summer.

Real: Anna-Karin Karlsson Half Moon Semi-Rimless  [$1650]

Steal: Rhinestone Vintage Shades [$21.99]


These glasses won’t help to block out the sound of your children repeatedly asking, “Are we there yet?” on your summer vacation. They will however block out the sun and with these top 5 trends, you can rest assure that you will look great doing so.

Have a cool and calm summer mamas!

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