Is Talking With Friends About Money Taboo?



My sister and I had a long conversation not too long ago about providing for our children, retirement, and living ‘comfortably,’ and what all of that will mean financially? We actually talked numbers, how much is enough to live now, how much is enough for retirement, how much will we need to help kids pay for college. What we realized, that this was the first time for us; we as sisters, haven’t really talked about this, ever!

This led us to think about, why not? Why haven’t we talked about money, about lifestyle goals? We could share ideas, we could help each other, and in the end, learn from each other. 

Why is the topic of finances taboo and off-limits? Why can’t family and friends have open conversations and learn from each other? I am willing to bet that we talk about sex with our friends more than we do about money. 

Should discussions about money be taboo, what is the upside? Privacy? Judgment? What are we afraid of? Broaching the ultimate topic and peeling away the layers with which we shield ourselves is tough, but do we lose in the end? Does our need for privacy cost us possibly learning from others and sharing good advice? We often consider topics such as politics and religion, a social faux pas, money closely follows.

Moms everywhere, consider that you are shortchanging yourself and your children by not openly discussing their and your best financial interests. 

How can we get comfortable and broach this subject with the mindset and perspective of learning from each other and helping ourselves and our families make sure that we secure the best possible future? We ask for recommendations for anything from strollers, tutors, after school programs, doctors, and more. We share the good experiences and ones that were negative, but financial security is key, and we avoid that one at all costs.

What is there to lose? Sharing best practices can only help all of us financially included. When we think about, specifically, women supporting women, money is a huge part of this and what we can learn from each other to help raise each other up!