The Westchester Knicks Bring More than Pro Basketball to the County Center

Thank you to our friends at the Westchester Knicks for having us at the game!


I was never into sports growing up. This is probably the reason why my first born has grown into a passionate and incredible young athlete — So I can make up for lost time.  

Last year was our first youth basketball season, and I finally got to see what all the basketball hype was about. As this basketball season is on its way, I found an opportunity to take my son and two of his friends to see our first Westchester Knicks game.

First of all, it was so much fun.  We had a great time at the game, and cannot wait to go back. 

Not only did we get to see the Westchester Knicks defeat the Canton Charge in their second home game of the season, we also got a glimpse at what it means to be a Westchester Knicks fan in the stands.

The #1 thing I learned that night was that the Knicks know how to keep the kids happy:


  • When we arrived, there was a pre-game youth basketball scrimmage. Immediately, my son and his friends imagined themselves out there.  
  • A local young lady, with a phenomenal voice, was invited to sing the National Anthem with youth groups lined up around her.  
  • A small group of boys brought out the game ball to start the game.
  • They had 3 adorable little ones come out for a mini slam dunk contest.  
  • During half time, a talented dance group came out to perform for us.
  • At the end of the night, a group of kids were allowed to play and were then gathered for a group picture.

We were so jealous. The youth groups at the game had so many opportunities to interact with the team.  I want that experience next!

Jealous or not… it is so wonderful to be in this environment.

I already started to plan in my head whether we could get a group going from my son’s youth basketball league.

So what else was great?

Great Basketball: The Westchester Knicks are affiliated with the New York Knicks (and the teams they play are affiliated with other professional NBA teams). Click here for the league’s franchise map. The Westchester Knicks are in the NBA Development League, and any of these talented players could be called up and signed to an NBA team in the future. 

The fan enthusiasm was turned up: Every time-out was filled with an activity to get the crowd involved and hyped.  And the cheerleaders were very entertaining overall.


There was also the Smile Cam, the Dance Cam, and the Drive of the Night, where the cameras scanned the room and highlighted some of the most enthusiastic fans on the big screen.


And the star of the show was their mascot Hudson who seemed to be everywhere.

My photo op with Hudson!
My photo op with Hudson!

Great Seating is Easy to Come By: There are tickets for as little as $10 and the Westchester County Center arena is a much more intimate space than that of Madison Square Garden. Click here to check out their 2016-2017 season schedule and ticket information.

My son and his friends showing off their new shooting sleeves.
My son and his friends showing off their new shooting sleeves.

Giveaways: I love FREE! Multiple times during the evening, tee shirts were thrown by the cheerleaders from the court to random fans in the stands. While we didn’t win a free tee shirt, it was very exciting each time as we stood up to catch one.  We did end up buying tee shirts and a winter hat at the end of night and found the Westchester Knicks apparel to be very reasonably priced.

We did receive free shooting sleeves when we arrived though. The first 1,000 kids that night received shooting sleeves.

So aside from trying to get a group together soon, I also noticed they are having an upcoming Pirate & Princess Night and with 2 little girls (one being very into princesses), this has sparked my interest. But there seems to be something for everyone. More information and a schedule for their promotions can be found here

Nathan’s famous hot dogs and CHEESE FRIES: Do I have to even say more? Well, if you’re not familiar with their cheese fries, then you have to get over there as soon as possible. There is also popcorn and candy to enjoy as well.

It’s so close to home and parking is hassle-free: I am originally from New York City and there is no place like the City. But I love that the Westchester County Center is so accessible. The City is just too out of the way sometimes for a laid back evening.

County Center parking is $10 for event nights and the lot is right across the street from the entrance. As a family of 6, this is a big deal for me.

So, are you looking for something fun to do in Westchester?

I would say to definitely add the Westchester Knicks to your list of fun things to do near home.


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