Treat Yourself: Holiday Gift Guide


treat yourselfWith the holidays around the corner, most of us have been buying gifts for loved ones for weeks, possibly even months. But what about us? It’s as good a time as any to treat yourself. And you don’t need to battle crowded stores or worry about supply chain delays to find unique gifts that will enrich your life. Behold, the Treat Yourself Gift Guide.

Fashion & Style

Let’s face it, finding time to think about fashion and style and then go shopping is challenging for busy moms. And many of us don’t have an eye for it. Subscription services can be a nice option, but sometimes you need something even more personal.

Enter the stylist, or basically your BFF who knows what’s in fashion and how to dress all body types. Stylists can help you do a closet cleanout, find something specific (Upcoming vacation? New job?), and much more.

Westchester-based image consultant, Shaari Cohen, helps her clients find their personal style and confidence. She shares, “It’s never just about the new dress, the right tie, or the perfect shoes. It’s about putting forth the effort to present the best version of yourself, and hence, walking powerfully toward your version of success.”

Beauty & Wellness

Feeling good goes beyond having the right clothes. There are many beauty and wellness services to treat yourself to this holiday season (and beyond!).

Only recently did I learn how much difference brow shaping can make. So let a professional, like the ‘eyebrow guru’ Sabria Celaj, tweeze, sculpt and shape your eyebrows to look your best this holiday season and next year.

When was the last time you cleaned out your makeup bag? I recently went through this process and realized that now that I’ve entered a new decade, the products I was using on my 20-something and 30-something skin are no longer suitable for me. Many natural and ‘clean’ products didn’t exist a few years ago. Find guidance and thoughtfully curated products right in our backyard at SCOUT in Pound Ridge, owned by celebrity makeup artist Jenn Streicher.

At The Well Center in Armonk, they believe there’s not just one way to be healthy. Their variety of services are focused on inspiring and healing – from acupuncture and Chinese medicine to Reiki-infused massage and sound healing to holistic chiropractic care and family health coaching. They are truly a one-stop wellness shop.

If 1:1 coaching is your thing, a certified health coach may be just the ‘treat’ you need to improve your health and wellness. Liz Zuckerberg of Glow Getter Wellness provides services like a Wellness Makeover, 50-minute Coaching Sessions, and even a Grocery Store Tour. She’ll help you navigate your favorite store and uncover healthy choices for your lifestyle.

Many pregnant women, new moms, and not-so-new moms have pelvic floor issues that impact their ability to lead an active lifestyle. Working with someone like Dr. Nidhi Sharma will get you back to your favorite activities without relying on medications or surgeries.

Organization & Cleaning

As a mom, it’s not just myself I sometimes neglect, but also the spaces where I spend most of my time – my home and my car. No one ever told me that being a parent is essentially driving for Uber.

Whether you’re compulsive with cleaning or a complete slob, it’s a treat to bring in the experts. This holiday is an excellent opportunity to give yourself and your home the royal treatment from home organization to a cleaning service. By working with a professional organizing company like So Posh of Westchester, you can declutter your home and create a functional space.

After a summer beach vacation, I decided enough was enough. Sand, snacks, smudges, and more. I indulged in a mobile car detail service by DetailPros, where they cleaned my car inside and out, right in my driveway. My sparkling car made me smile for weeks.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

Many moms feel lost and overwhelmed, personally and professionally. Give yourself the gift of a life coach like Lelia Jimenez. Lelia can help you achieve your personal and professional goals by providing customized strategic plans streamlined to your vision.

Another great gift that provides lasting memories is a professional family photoshoot with a talented photographer like Jessie M Photography. Bonus points if you book it before the holidays and use the photos for a holiday card.

How will you treat yourself this holiday season?


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