True Life of a Fashionista Gone Mom


Hello Westchester County moms! My name is Alexis. I am a new contributor and so excited to share my tips, tricks, and stories. I was born and raised in the Bronx with a very strong love of NYC. I would say for most of my life, work, fashion, clothes, and beauty were my “thing.” But things change.

I married my very best friend since childhood. I’ve loved him since the age of 15. After a few years of married life just we decided it was time to start that little family we had always talked about. I could not have been more ready for this new chapter.

My daughter Bella was born first and she was the perfect child. She is everything I pictured in a little girl. Then the little boy came, Sebastian. He is the wild child. The unplanned spontaneity of who we are in human form.

Not long after, we decided it was time to move out of the ever changing Bronx, and into the Yonkers/Westchester County area. Along with that I made the choice to quit my job and stay home with my kids. To say that this was a huge transition is the understatement of the year. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

 Fast forward to today.

It’s been about three years since I became a stay at home mom and it’s truly something you cannot prepare for. Allow me to explain. I’m sitting here scrolling through Instagram with my 2 1/2 year old climbing my head with no regard for personal space. I can’t help but wonder how did I get here, and why did I think this would be so easy.

How did I think my child would be the image of polite behavior sitting ever so quietly eating his perfectly sliced avocado. This is not my reality most days. I am a referee screaming at the top of my lungs telling him to stop biting his sisters head. I can’t help but laugh and think that after she pinched him and took his toy she just might deserve it. But this is the price we pay for having a family and raising it as a stay at home mom.

I struggle daily to keep my identity as the fashioinista glam girl I once was. Flipping pancakes, preparing lunch, cooking, cleaning, ironing, wiping butts. Did anyone feed the cats today? How about the lizard? Let’s not forget to kiss the husband (ever so passionately) and grab his back side to keep the fire alive.

Bella and Sebastian doing makeup
Full face
Ice cream time!
Family shoot from 2016

Then the day slows down. The little one takes a nap and it’s time to dive into my favorite brands. Rcma, Mac, Makeup Forever, Anastasia Beverly Hills and so many others that I long to use while enhancing my natural beauty and correcting the dark circles and fine lines.

We start with the face, blanking out the imperfections to a porcelain finish. Then warm it all up with highlight and contour to make those cheek bones pop. Next a neutral lid (try not scare the kiddies) with cat eye wings that make you look 20 years younger. Finally a perfect glossy pout to pull it all together. Just like that a little piece of me has been restored just in time to meet the mister for lunch.

Sometimes I wonder if he knows I’m not a witch and this didn’t all just happen with the wiggle of my nose. This is the balancing act that is fashionista gone mom.

Everyday you tell yourself this is the day I will try that bold look or wear that cute top or heels. We don’t always succeed but we should. Nothing is more liberating. I guess sometimes we just need to be tested and pushed to the limit. We can prove it to ourselves once and for all just how glam we really are.

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  1. I always say You are the best Thing that ever happened in my life !!!!! You are the best mother , wife ,daughter and I love you for who you are !! Can’t wait to read more ❤️ Very proud of you

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