A Weekend with the Volvo XC90

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Volov xc90I was so excited to test out the Volvo XC90 from Volvo Cars White Plains for the weekend, but I really had no idea what was in store. Let me start by saying I have a nice mom ride, and I honestly thought I was driving in style prior to this experience. When Volvo says luxury, they mean it! From the moment I twisted that little start switch, I knew I was about to be in for a ride. I will highlight the features my family loved, but bare with me because the list feels endless! For the record, my entire family loves this car. 

A little boy sitting in a car seat in an XC90.Some of my favorite features included…

Panoramic Sunroof: This was a feature that I have always wanted, and it was even more beautiful than I had imagined. I can’t pretend that my children were the only ones amazed. To look up and see such a large amount of clear blue sky was magical. 

Sound Experience: I am obsessed with music, so this was a big plus. The sound system that this vehicle has is out of this world. Fully equipped with a multi-channel digital amplifier with up to 650 watts output, 14 speakers that are explicitly tailored to the acoustics of each vehicle, and a one-of-a-kind surround sound experience! 

360 View Camera: It was crystal clear! You can select your desired “field of vision,” and I liked the fact that you can also remove the lines intended to help guide the driver when backing up (which I sometimes find distracting).

Lumbar and Side Bolster Support: These two features were serious game changers for me! The support and comfort this dream team provided were truly eye-openers. I have had terrible sciatica since being pregnant with my second child, and the lumbar support felt amazing only lower back, while the side bolsters supported the middle and upper parts of my back. 

Trunk Space: As awesome as the third-row seating is, it is also amazing to see how massive the trunk space can be when the third row isn’t needed! Our washer and dryer were being serviced, so we had to take our clothes to the laundry mat, and with a family of five, that meant four huge laundry bags plus two large detergent containers. I was impressed. 

Window Shades: I loved the shades built into the back seat windows. That is where my two youngest children sat, and my three-year-old, who usually screams about the sun in his eyes, was able to enjoy a carefree ride in “the beautiful car.” 

Cushion Extension: I had no idea this feature existed, and it was another measure for added comfort. The best way to describe it was like having a leg rest beneath you while driving. 

Last but certainly not least, the thing that stood out to me the most was that when the vehicle is alerting you to things like being too close to another vehicle, the sound is not loud or alarming. It is loud enough to be heard but subtle enough to catch your attention without making you jump! As someone who suffers from migraines, this is a huge bonus. 

I could go on about the amazing features that the Volvo XC90 has to offer, but what you truly need to know is that if you are looking for a family-friendly vehicle that provides top-of-the-line safety, comfort, and luxury, you don’t need to look any further. 

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