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A woman reading Westchester County Mom on her phone.2022 was another exciting year for Westchester County Mom. Our contributors live, work, and parent in Westchester and are passionate about sharing real stories and honest experiences of parenthood. 

We know motherhood can be difficult when you are a new mom, new in town, or just looking for more ways to get connected. It can be easy to get lost in the crowd in our area. This is our way to make the world feel a little smaller and parenting easier, more fun, and less lonely. We hope you get plugged into Westchester County Mom, chime into the conversation, and make yourself comfortable in our community, online and off.

Here is a list of our top 10 most-viewed posts of 2022! Make sure to read the ones you may have missed, reread the posts you were able to connect with and share the ones you love!

birthday dinner1. Sex and The Single Mom: My Birthday Dinner

“At that moment, I knew I had a good guy. If he wasn’t worried about a little puke or poop (still hoping it was of the dog variety), then he could deal with all the other things that come along with dating a single mom. And guess what? I still got a kiss (on the cheek) good night.”

pelvic floor2. Will a Cesarean Surgery Save Your Pelvic Floor?

“With more awareness about the pelvic floor and vaginal problems that can arise in postpartum, there is an apprehension in women about vaginal birth. Some wonder if they should opt for cesarean surgery to avoid these problems. After all, if the baby doesn’t push out of your vagina, your pelvic floor is spared from all the trauma. Right?”

A woman preparing to give birth at home.3. Lazy Mama Manual: Why My Next Baby Will Be Born at Home

“But mostly, I’m lazy. I want to relax during my birth, not rush to the birthing center or hospital. I want my husband to take a nap someplace comfortable should contractions go through the night.”

4. Out of the Darkness of Diabetes

“I knew without a doubt that we were dealing with one of two things, an acute urinary infection that may require antibiotics or, worse yet, it was diabetes. “But how could it be diabetes?” I thought. “We eat well, we laugh, we play, and we do all the right stuff, don’t we?” I began to pray.”

A mom kissing her daughter's head.5. I Think I’m Done

“I rarely say, “I’m done.” I’m usually a “live mindfully and gratefully” kind of person, even when living mindfully and gratefully means saying, “this is really crummy, and I’m not happy right now but know this will pass, and for that, I’m grateful.” But I think I might actually be done.”

A little girl playing on her iPad.6. My Family’s Relationship with iPads is a Dirty Secret

“Ok. I’ll admit it without shame. I let my children use iPads. They each have their own. And they’re three and five. And I’ll go one step further. They’ve had them for years. Years. And I’m going to get the baby one, too.”

A hand holding a transgender heart.7. A Nonbinary Child’s Journey of Self-Discovery

“I had fears, doubts, and confusion at times. I wondered if this was just a phase. Is it the influence of social media, friends, or the news media? How do I know if it’s genuine? Does it matter if it’s a phase or an influence? My child is going through something big and profound that can change their whole life. Placing blame or thinking of what went wrong doesn’t matter because there’s nothing wrong with my child.”

A family together in India.8. Caught Between Two Worlds

“I was caught between two worlds. I couldn’t fit in either box, which sometimes made me feel left out. It was a period of actual character development as I was forced to find my own identity beyond the country I live in and the culture I grew up with. I had to dig deep to discover who I truly was, beyond my name, skin color, language, and occupation. I filled my life with a unique mosaic of relationships with people from across the world that didn’t fit (or need) any label.”

A woman on a job interview.9. Change Is the Only Constant in Life

“I thought I could do both, have a happy and healthy family and a successful career like so many people. I was wrong. I wasn’t the type to juggle many roles, and I failed epically.”

Two brothers sitting together.10. Second Child: An Adorable Menace?

“I imagine this is an instinct for all parents who have a second child. You think, same genetics, same environment, same parenting style, so why wouldn’t these kids turn out the same?”

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Thank you for following along with Westchester County Mom. Stay tuned for what we have in store for 2023! What topics would you love to read this upcoming year? Comment below!


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