Westchester County Moms Blog Top 10 Posts of 2017


posts2017 was another great year for Westchester County Moms Blog. Our contributors live, work, and parent in Westchester, and are passionate about sharing real stories and honest experiences of parenthood. WCMB loves nothing more than to uplift Westchester County and the moms who live here. 

We know motherhood can be difficult when you are a new mom, new in town, or just looking for more ways to get connected. In our area, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. This is our way to make the world feel a little smaller, and parenting easier, more fun, and less lonely. We hope you get plugged in to Westchester County Moms Blog, chime into the conversation, and make yourself comfortable in our community, online and off.

Here is a list of our top 10 most viewed posts of 2017! Make sure to read the one’s you may have missed, reread the posts that you were able to connect with, and share the one’s you love!

step dad1. Sex and the Single Mom: No, I Don’t Want You To Be My Son’s Step Dad

“I was also not ready for a serious relationship or to start a family. But, that is often the assumption when you date a single mom; that the logical step after casual dating is being a step dad. For me, this is not the case, nor is it logical.”

mom2. Finding My Worth: My Angry Journey as a Stay at Home Mom

“I was angry that I was always cleaning. I was angry that the mail was piling up. I was angry that the pets were shedding, the kids were calling, and I had to do bedtime alone. I was angry that I couldn’t simultaneously keep the house clean; shuttle the little people to their myriad of preschools, swim lessons, soccer practices, and play dates; and keep them all from being sick, tired, unhappy, or hurt. I was angry I no longer worked. I was angry because I was failing at the one job I had left.”

Divorce and tough questions from the kids3. Divorce: How I Deal With Tough Questions From The Kids

“The hardest thing I’ve dealt with in all of this is the questioning.  It’s the questions from my kids who are too innocent to know that some questions are taboo in the adult world.  Kids don’t have filters. They don’t know that, “Why don’t you let Daddy live here” will rip mamma’s heart in two when it’s thrown at you on the way to school.” 

gender disappointment4. I’m a Bad Mom: What Happens When You Experience Gender Disappointment?

“I plan, I prepare, I have it all set in my mind to happen in a certain way at a certain time and when my plans melt away to mush, I have the occasional breakdown, and then pick myself back up off the floor slowly and surely. So, after I had my daughter, I planned and prepared. I knew that I would be having a boy the second time around. I don’t even think I put a second thought into place. It was just the way it was going to be.” 

The Seven Emotional Stages of Vacationing without Kids5. The Seven Emotional Stages of Vacationing without Kids (x2)

“But once in a while, every year or so, I get that itch. You know, the one every mother has: the “I just want to remain untouched and goop free for at least 72 hours while sipping (insert drink of choice) on a nice (insert location of choice) without worrying about keeping another human alive.” And it happens twice, first while planning and second while experiencing.”

sex and the single mom so what happened with your son's dad?6. Sex and the Single Mom: So, What Happened with Your Son’s Dad?

“It gets easier each time I tell it, but each time I also hope will be the last time. I don’t want  to wear this story like a merit badge anymore: proof I’m over it. The truth is, I’m very much over him, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be over the pain of that experience.”

baby led weaning7. Lazy Mama Manual: Baby Led Weaning

“Confession time – lots of my practical parenting decisions are driven primarily by a need to simplify my life as much as possible. I feel no need to martyr myself to motherhood. Breastfeeding? Easier than making bottles. Babywearing? Faster and less annoying than pushing a stroller. So when my son started to become interested in food, I wanted to take the easy way out.”

8. Anxiety After the Incident: When Mom Needs to Acknowledge She’s Not Okay

“But it’s only when something really scary happens to our little ones that we realize the immenseresponsibility on our shoulders: our jobs have no breaks, no days off, no leniency. We must be alert, attentive, and in tune with our kids at all times to make sure they stay safe. We cannot fail our children, because that would mean failing ourselves, too.”

9. Whatever Happened to the Basement Party?

“I remember homemade cakes, party bags filled with plastic toys, magicians, and screaming friends in basements. Birthday parties have always been filled with fun and joy for the special birthday child and their friends and family. But lately, the parties are replacing bowls of chips and twisted streamers with limos and catering. What is happening? What was wrong with the parties of old?”

Time10. Give It A Year

“Me vs. Mom-me. When I first moved here, before I even knew it would be challenging. Someone told me to give it a year. As an official Westchester mom, I am passing this advice on to whoever I can.”


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