Rosemary and Vine: A Chic Pan-Mediterranean Eatery

Westchester County Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with Rosemary and Vine to provide information about a new Westchester dining experience.

img_2559There’s a new restaurant in Rye, and I had the pleasure of visiting for this review. It was tough to leave the house the night of my reservation. It was a gloomy, rainy evening and the restaurant was in Rye, the other side of the county. It seemed easier to just get cozy at home. But, I decided to keep the reservation and bring one of my best girlfriends out and not let my bad hair day determine my plans. I’m happy to report that it was well worth the drive and the battle of the frizz to eat at Rosemary and Vine; a new, modern, vegetarian Mediterranean eatery in Rye.


As soon as we stepped in the door, we noticed the relaxed vibe of the restaurant. The lighting was perfect with modern fixtures casting a warm glow.The bar was small and intimate, the kitchen open and inviting, so we tucked ourselves into a corner window table for two and let the soft lounge music set the stage for what was to come.


After ordering our full-bodied reds, we noticed a difficult choice ahead. How could we decide just two appetizers? The menu features fourteen, all at a reasonable price-point, and perfectly sized for sharing. When it came time to place our order, we went with the avocado crostini. It was halved for us so we could each enjoy the creamy avocado, which gave the dish a great texture next to the crunchy toast. The peas on top added to the overall freshness of the dish. Our other choice, a sampling of dips, was presented beautifully. It included five different tastes with fresh pita. We found this dish typical, but weren’t wowed. I’d suggest skipping the dips and going for any of the other thirteen appetizer choices.

We couldn’t resist the kale and quinoa salad. It was one of my personal favorites, providing great crunch from the almonds. The Ella flatbread was a huge hit as well, and a perfect share with four thin slices. img_2550


Before opening Rosemary and Vine last year, the husband/wife owners teamed with their Executive Chef to incorporate a wide range of Mediterranean influences. Taking some prominence are dishes which pull from Italy, Morocco, France, Greece and Lebanon. Our main courses were clearly influenced by these Mediterranean flavors. The mushroom five cheese lasagna was earthy and creamy, and the vegetarian tagging was savory and well-seasoned.


For dessert, we went with our gut and unanimously decided on the chocolate banana filo. It was truly delicious and not even a small morsel was left on the plate. The waitress steered us toward the most popular dessert for our other choice, a dark chocolate pudding. It wasn’t my favorite, but I’m not a huge dark chocolate fan so that might be an unfair assessment. I will return for the rice pudding! And, all desserts are vegan.


Overall, this was a most enjoyable meal. It is a highly well-thought out menu. The local owners live in Westchester and are on hand to oversee the place. They created not just the design of the dining room, but also hand-crafted the vibe, successfully producing a chic spot to enjoy Mediterranean vegetarian. The menu is mindful of any sensitivities and allergies customers may have, clearly labeling each dish with a symbol for those that need to know what’s in their meal. It may be a vegetarian menu, but the organic, fresh ingredients are the stand out here. I don’t think anyone would miss meat from their meal.


I can’t wait to return to sample more from this diverse and interesting array of Mediterranean influenced food. The smaller portions and reasonably priced dishes makes Rosemary and Vine a fun place to hang with friends. And, they take reservations….. even parties under six!


Rosemary and Vine

29 Purchase Street

Rye, NY 10581




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