Westchester County Mom Top 10 Posts of 2020


Westchester County Mom top 10 blog posts of 2020. 2020 was a big year for Westchester County Mom. In the middle of a global pandemic, we got a new look and a new name; however, our mission remained the same. Our contributors live, work, and parent in Westchester and are passionate about sharing real stories and honest experiences of parenthood. We love nothing more than to uplift Westchester County and the moms who live here. 

We know motherhood can be difficult when you are a new mom, new in town, or just looking for more ways to get connected. In our area, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. This is our way to make the world feel a little smaller, and parenting easier, more fun, and less lonely. We hope you get plugged into Westchester County Mom, chime into the conversation, and make yourself comfortable in our community, online and off.

Here is a list of our top 10 most viewed posts of 2020! Make sure to read the ones you may have missed, reread the posts that you were able to connect with and share the ones you love!

townhouse living1. 10 Reasons Why I Love Townhouse Living

“As I sit in the backyard working on a story, I look around at the mowed grass and pretty flowers and smile. I also think, “Thank goodness, I don’t have to do any of this!”  No, I didn’t hire anyone, per se. I live in a Townhouse Community.”

dad2. Sex and the Single Mom: So, What Happened with Your Son’s Dad?

“I’ve told the story so many times that I’ve rehearsed the pauses. I know when to wait for my date to laugh and then cringe. “So, as I was breastfeeding our son, I opened my computer; there was a picture of the two of them in all white. Since she looked like the type of basic chick who takes her social cues from cheap magazines, I knew it must have been taken before Labor Day. My son was born in November.”

allergy attack3. The Night Lip Gloss Could Have Taken My Child’s Life

“But unfortunately, many people still view food allergies as an inconvenience at best, and a byproduct of overdramatic parents or even completely fabricated at worst. What about if I told you my child could have lost his life on Christmas Eve because of something as simple as a kiss from his grandmother? What would you think then?”

4. Entering the Middle Chapters in Marriage

“I’m not sharing this majorly abridged version of the last eleven years for sympathy, a pat on the back, or a thumbs up. I know many others our age experienced a similar decade. I’m sharing this to show that we came out the other side changed people, a changed partnership.”

couldn't keep us together5. A Stay-at-Home Order Couldn’t Even Keep My Husband and I Together

“As twisted as it may sound, I was glad to hear that we would have to stay home because I thought it would allow my husband and me to spend time with one another. You can imagine the heartache I felt when I realized not even being mandated to stay home could bring us together.”

be here6. I Get to Be Here

“I didn’t go to the funeral – do you go having known someone for one day? But I think about her all the time because every time I get to be there, I know she doesn’t.”


sober mom7. Sober Mom…Even During a Pandemic

“For years, I had thought about what my life could be like without alcohol, and I was terrified of what it would look like. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be me, that I wouldn’t fit in, that I would lose a connection to who I was and to the community I’d built.”

HELLP Syndrome8. HELLP Syndrome

“Until the evening of September 18, 2006, I had never heard of HELLP Syndrome. But what I do know is the worry I saw in the eyes of the doctors and nurses when they told me my identical twins had to be delivered immediately via c-section. There was no time to wait!”

curly hair9. A Salute to Curly-Haired Ladies

“If you are like me and have naturally curly hair, who has not yet embraced those beautiful curls, I suggest looking into this method. It may seem daunting at first, as it did for me, but with a little time and effort, you can learn to love your curls and spend a lot less time “doing” your hair.”

easy meals10. As Easy As They Get Meals

“In March, we were making fancy meals and posting them on the family blog with pride. Today, mealtime fills me with dread. Add to it that I have one gluten-free family member, one who is dairy-free, and one who is vegetarian, so ordering takeout is… complicated. I’ve been rotating through our super tasty and yet lazy mainstays. They are gluten-free, easy to make, mostly veggie, and my kids either love them or at least don’t hate them.”

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