Westchester Mommy Meetups


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One of the best parts of contributing to Westchester County Moms Blog is the ability to share essential parenting resources with local families. Why spend hours Googling and searching for answers when you have access to an abundance of information right here at your fingertips? Recently one of our readers reached out via Facebook, wondering if we could point her in the direction of local mommy meetups in our wonderful county. Whether you are a soon-to-be, new, or veteran mama, I assure you that interacting with other parents is vital to your survival! So thank you for inquiring. Please see our diverse round-up of local mommy meetups below:

Virtual Community Support

Whether you are on the fence about trying a new product, debating a need to actually take the baby to the doctor, or just need to vent about your wacky day, online groups are a great way to “meet up” with other moms. We have the gift and the curse of having access to Web MD at our fingertips. I highly recommend cross-referencing most of what you read with other women who have been there and done that!

Facebook has some great private mom groups which are exclusive to Westchester mamas. Many of which have participants that actually host play dates and other family-friendly events! You fill out a simple questionnaire which is sent to an administrator, who can approve or deny your membership. Nothing serious, just a couple of questions to make sure you are, in fact, a local mama! There are some public groups available too. You can even search for your specific town and really connect with other parents in your very own neighborhood. There are even groups based on interest. If you are interested in joining an online book club, we have one – Mom’s the Word!

In-Person Meetups

Some of us prefer the informality of online groups, while others may be craving the face-to-face interaction with other adults. I’m a pretty even mix of introvert and extrovert, so for me, it depends on which way the wind is blowing. If you would rather meet up with other mamas outside of your home, there are some pretty cool mommy meetup sites. There are a variety of different meetup dates, times, locations, and activities. For new mothers looking for support groups, I recommend beginning with your local hospital or where you delivered your babies. Prenatal and postnatal groups ranging from Lamaze to lactation support are now offered at little to no cost at all. Northern Westchester Hospital provides a new mom support group weekly throughout the year in their family center. The group is free, but registration is required. Mama Bear, LLC, and The Parent Collective are other added ways to meet new moms. 

Get Fit and Make Friends!

Long gone are the days where we have no choice but to wait until our children are grown up and in school to make time for physical fitness. Some gyms offer great babysitting, but some of us still can’t make the commitment to join. We now can join a group of other moms and work out together with our children. Fit4Mom, formerly known as Stroller Strides, offers pre and postnatal fitness routines. Drop-in classes are also an option, which is a great way to test the waters. How cool is it that we are now able to get fit with our families?

No matter what stage in motherhood you are in, the need to socialize with other adults is essential. I have learned over the years to make the most out of each opportunity and connect with other women. If time allows, attending a local meetup is fantastic. However, do not underestimate your ability to turn what appears to be nothing into something. A trip to your local library for storytime or even a trip to the play place at your local mall can serve as an excellent opportunity to make some new mama friends while your little ones make some pals of their own!

We hope this information proves to be helpful! If there are any local mommy meetups that you would like to share with us, please feel free to mention them in the comments!