Mommy + Fitness = Effective Mommy


workoutWe all know it is good and beneficial to get workouts done every week, right? Right? Working out is something that helps to strengthen our bodies physically, and our minds mentally. I find that when I am active, I am better able to handle all of the competing priorities as a woman. Especially since I work full time and I have two kids.

I have other responsibilities, as I am sure all of you all have as well. Whether you have a part time or full time job inside/outside the home or not. I do find that I am better able to handle all of what is presented to me each day, if i schedule in a few sweat sessions a week.

I am here to tell you that there are many, many, many ways to schedule fitness sessions on a weekly basis. There are fitness clubs, specialty studios, personal trainers, at home workouts, You Tube videos, you name it.

There are a great variety of Fitness Clubs throughout the region – Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, New York Sports Clubs, Kinetics Sports Clubs, Equinox – take your pic. With varying price points for each of these clubs. These clubs are awesome if you feel you will get the most benefit going to a fitness club where there are multiple cardio machines, weight rooms, group classes, group training classes, and personal training. Basically, it is a great “bang for your buck.”

In terms of speciality studios, there are a wide variety of studios – some specialize in spinning, which is a highly intensive cardio cycling class, some specialize in Zumba, which is a heart pumping soulful dancing instruction class. There are yoga studios and crossfit studios which focus on utilizing circuits of training using external weights as well as your own body weight for body conditioning.

There is definitely a workout out there that is perfect for YOU! You just need to take the time to see what works best for you.

Not sure where to get started? Be sure to check out Westchester County Moms Blog’s FitWestchester 2018: A Guide to Westchester’s Best Places to Get Fit & Healthy.