Mother’s Day Traditions

Even before I became a mother, Mother’s Day was one of my favorite holidays. It is just one of those days with beautiful flowers and lots of love.
I know some would say, “Everyday should be like Mother’s Day,” or “It’s just another hallmark holiday.” But it’s not, and I think it’s so much more than that. Let’s be honest, on a daily basis we tend to take our own mothers for granted. Life gets busy. Our own life takes priority and you can’t remember the last time you treated your mom to an entire day of love and appreciation.
Actually, being a mother can sometimes be a thankless job with little or no praise for the sleepless nights and countless hours of doing every little thing for your family. It’s kind of nice to have a whole day just for celebrating all we do as moms.I wouldn’t call myself a purely traditional person but I can definitely appreciate a holiday dedicated to a VIP in your life. It’s always great to start a loving tradition in your family.
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Traditions can be anything. One of my husband’s cousins said she and her brother used to keep their rooms spotless on Mother’s Day, and then go to church and lunch with their mom. My sister in law does an early movie with her kids and a brunch date with them and her mom, followed by a day of relaxation at home. She enjoys some quiet time with her family and just takes in the scenery.

I will say I was one of the lucky ones. I had the pleasure of being raised by three kind, beautiful and strong women: my mom, my aunt, and my grandma (kind of like bonus moms). They showed me what the love between mothers and daughter truly looks like.

It was always a big holiday in our house. I still remember the flowers my grandfather and mother would bring my grandmother on that Sunday morning. Sometimes my mom would treat them to a day in the city followed by a favorite restaurant. Or when I was born we would always make our way to the Botanical Gardens and appreciate the flowers and the time spent. City Island was always a big one for us too. I think my grandmother’s greatest joy came from us enjoying the day with her.

So many traditions that were started have now continued on. This made me really look at the traditional side of things and realize just how special it is to have something to look forward to every year, and reminisce on the previous years.

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Now that I have my own family I can’t help but want to do similar things, not only with my kids, but with my own mother. I’ve made it my goal to make her cry just a little bit with a sappy card every year so she knows just how much she means to me (LOL). As a kid I used to save all my money from birthdays and holidays so I could buy her the most amazing gift. It was always the thought behind it that she remembered, but it was big preparation for me especially when you’re eight or nine.
My own tradition is to have a new experience with my family each year. I take them some place they haven’t been and see the look on their faces as we all enjoy it for the first time together. Even if we do go somewhere familiar it’s nice to look at things in a new light after a few years.
So why not make it a huge deal and take the time to start a new tradition in your family. Show your mother or mother-figure in your life just how much you appreciate her. Paint the picture of what you want your own children to remember one day.

What are your Mother’s Day traditions?


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