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Woman sitting on the floor on her computer.2021 was another exciting year for Westchester County Mom. Our contributors live, work, and parent in Westchester and are passionate about sharing real stories and honest experiences of parenthood. 

We know motherhood can be difficult when you are a new mom, new in town, or just looking for more ways to get connected. It can be easy to get lost in the crowd in our area. This is our way to make the world feel a little smaller and parenting easier, more fun, and less lonely. We hope you get plugged into Westchester County Mom, chime into the conversation, and make yourself comfortable in our community, online and off.

Here is a list of our top 10 most viewed posts of 2021! Make sure to read the ones you may have missed, reread the posts that you were able to connect with, and share the ones you love!

Mother looking at "that kid"

1. To the Mom Who Has “That” Child

“I wanted to hug that mom and tell her everything would be fine. I wanted to tell her, her son is precious and perfect just as he is. That his character, energy, and personality are developing. He is just growing and learning to be a human being.”


2. 8 Amazing Documentaries to Watch with Your Kids

“As we hunker down for a long cozy winter of hibernation, we’ve prepared our lists of things to organize, recipes to try, and things to watch. We’re particular fans of good documentaries at our house because they are often the only pieces of content that can bridge the divide between the 3 1/2 years between our girls and the 30 or so years between them and their parents. Here are our top 8.”

A child hugging a mom.3. Single Mom Life – I Chose to Have Her

“I put my brave face on and said I could do it. I decided to have her alone, and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I wanted to have my baby and prove to those that thought I would struggle wrong.”

Woman holding her face sitting on the rocks by the water.4. When Your Mom Regrets Becoming a Mother

“While I’ve always suspected the reason, I’m now certain of it—my mother is a reluctant mother. To say she regrets motherhood is too painful a thought for me to entertain, but to say that she has not embraced it the way I would have liked her to is accurate.”

grandma helping a child with the laundry.5. When Grandma Meddles

“Unsolicited advice is hard to hear from anyone. It’s much easier to pooh-pooh the unwanted counsel at a grocery store from that stranger when your toddler has one of “those” moments. But, when it’s your mother or your husband’s mother, it’s not that easy. You can’t just ignore them or ask them to mind their own business, as you might with that stranger on the checkout line. So, here’s some bankable advice next time Grandma offers up her two cents.”

Sad child sitting in between his parents.6. Divorce: How I Deal With Tough Questions From the Kids

“The hardest thing I’ve dealt with in all of this is the questioning. It’s the questions from my kids who are too innocent to know that some questions are taboo in the adult world.”

Woman speaking with a young boy.7. Shame Versus Guilt and WHY Words (especially with children) Matter

“Sometimes there are consequences for poorly chosen words because, you see, the truth is, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can deeply hurt me. Especially for a child who’s not equipped to manage them. Words become the invisible scars that some carry for a lifetime.”

Young girl looking at her mom.8. A Letter to My Daughter: 13 Years, 13 Things

“In a year with so much angst and turmoil, one positive thing was wrapping up the year with a milestone birthday for you! You turned 13! Three years ago, when your brother turned 13, I wrote him a letter. I couldn’t wait to do the same for you, and just like “THAT,” here we are. I’d love to share some thoughts and observations and maybe a little advice with you too.”

Man and woman embracing.9. Getting Frisky After Childbirth? 3 Reasons Why Sex Might Be Painful After Having a Baby

“Not only does sex feel different after having a baby, but sex might be painful sometimes. Research suggests that more than 40% of women report painful intercourse until six months after childbirth, with about 20% reporting pain well into a year post-partum. So don’t fret if you’re in that club!”

No, We Didn't Rescue Our Dog10. No, We Didn’t Rescue Our Dog

“Rescuing an animal is a beautiful thing, but there should be no shame in buying one. Maybe doing what’s right sometimes has to be what’s right for your family.”

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Thank you for following along with Westchester County Mom. Stay tuned for what we have in store for 2022! What topics would you love to read this upcoming year? Comment below!


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